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How comfortable do you feel going outside in your bathrobe in your neighborhood?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) April 3rd, 2012

Inspired by this question, it made me wonder how people feel about being outside in their bathrobe. I know I don’t like going out on my front porch in my bathrobe. I always have this feeling people will judge me for getting up too late. In my back yard, I feel safer. It’s more private, although still surrounded by other houses and many of my neighbors could see—some of the same ones who would see me on my front porch. I don’t know why the back feels safer than the front.

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I don’t have bathrobes. I do always make sure I am reasonably dressed before going outside, you just never know.

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I don’t wear bathrobes, but I’ll walk outside in my pajamas to get the mail or help my dad with the groceries, stuff like that. I don’t feel the need to change if I’m going outside to do something quick or if I’m just going between houses (when I’m coming home from my mom’s house I often don’t change out of my pajamas).

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I’ve answered the door in a bathrobe, and I’ve had coffee on the back porch in a bathrobe. Not something I do regularly, but I don’t feel weird about it when I do it on occasion. Mostly, I’ve lived in apartments, so there’s almost no opportunity.

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I get dressed to take out the garbage bin or pick up the mail. As for the backyard, even though there is a fence and enough trees to prevent a peep show from most neighbors, I stay modestly dressed. Maybe it has to do with the “prepare for the worst” mentality used in my upbringing.

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I don’t own a bathrobe and I sleep nekkid. So…

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PJs, yes. I don’t have a robe. I go outside without a bra very often. If someone sees it, oh well. They’re just breasts.

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@tinyfaery They may be just breasts to you, but to me, depending on what they look like, they could be the most fascinating objects on the planet! But I am ever grateful to any woman who lets me see more than custom generally allows.

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Since I am surrounded by 20 acres of mine and many unblemished acres of my neighbors, I can go outside any way I like. During power outages, I pee on my dandelions or poison ivy; in the nice weather I hang about in my underwear sometimes. Milo is more modest and wears his white tie and tail always.

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I’ll only go out in my robe to the porch and to answer the door. Otherwise I pretty much will get dressed for anything else. I don’t like staying in my pjs longer than I have too so I’m usually dressed pretty early on till its time for a shower and bed. Once I change to my pjs, I don’t go outside. I like to feel fresh for bed so going out in my pjs will ruin that for me.

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I will go to my driveway and retrieve the newspaper while wearing my bathrobe, but I admit it may be because I do own a very,very cool bathrobe. It is huge, black, heavy, and has a Batman symbol on the back.

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I don’t do that. If I have to go outside, I can put on clothes… there’s never an emergency where I have to run outside in my robe.

We live on a busy street and next to a golf course. I just think it’s tacky to go outside like that.

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No. Condo living doesn’t really allow for that. When you leave your nest, you’re dressed. Signs to that effect abound. (No one does it)

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I just walked out to put some recycling in the bin in my pjs, so I guess I feel pretty comfortable.

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I would not wear my robe outside, just because I wouldn’t, not because of judgement or modesty. I have answered the door in my robe, but that is rarely. My robe is worn for after a shower, not over other clothing.

I would go in my pj’s to pick up the mail if they look like loungewear that day, and not so much like sleepwear. In my backyard, especially in the summer, anything goes. I lie out toppless, wear pajamas while my husband washes the cars early in the morning, my back yard is very private. If a neighbor walked over I would not be horrified, and it is very unlikely they would. If someone drove up I would hear it.

When I lived in a community with houses much closer together, I still would not care what I wore out back, but I would not have gone topless, except maybe while in the pool in the evening. I don’t think I would go out front in a robe or pj’s though. But, I lived in FL where we are half naked all the time anyway. Very comfortable clothing while at home.

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I don’t wear a bathrobe but if I did I wouldn’t wear it outside just like I don’t lay on my bed in clothing I have worn outside. I think it makes me feel the bed is dirty or tainted. By the same logic, I wouldn’t wear indoor clothes (or slippers) outside. My robe would feel icky and I’d have to wash it afterwards.
When I go out I am always reasonably attired in clothing that is specific for outdoor wear. When I’m lounging around the house I wear a cotton skirt or drawstring cotton pants that are only for indoor wear.

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I wear my jammies outside in the early AM and very late PM to take the dogs out.
If a neighbor or someone driving by minds, then I feel they should get a life.

My mom spends about an hour a day out in the yard in her jammies whilst she fills the wildlife feeders. She always says, “I bet the neighbors wish I’d buy some new PJs”.

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Once while hung-over (severely…), I thought I was walking into the kitchen to get some OJ. Turns out I walked out the front door… in my boxers… while all the soccer moms in the neighborhood were carting their kids off to school.

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Bathrobe? Why on earth would anyone wear a bathrobe? Just go out commando, much more comfortable that way, not to mention safer…

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I’ve worn my bathrobe outside several times. Mostly when I have to take the trash to the curb. My robe is super modest and old fashioned. I’ve also answered the door with it. But for the most part I’m dressed.

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This question cracks me up.

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I live in the North. I have to let my dog out for a pee first thing in the morning. I sleep naked. I threw on a bathrobe, trotted downstairs and sat on my back outdoor stairs. No one can see me, normally but, apparently my neighbor can now that he’s home. He’s been away for since Dec. Just came back. It was early (actually, not totally light out, yet). From now, on, I’ll continue wearing the robe, but put on some p.j. bottoms underneath.

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I live in the country so I don’t really have to worry about it. Besides, I thought that only Hugh Hefner and hospital patients wore robes anymore.

i almost died of exposure with my dick frozen to a tv antennae tower for christ’s sake. there’s never anybody around when you need them to see you with your junk out.

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Quite comfortable. I do it just about every morning in order to let my little doggie take a piddle. Sometimes at night I’ve changed into robe and can be spotted in the porchlight, waiting for the critter. If I felt smelly or gross and then went outside it might be different.

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I also don’t own a robe. I wander about my house in my pyjamas all the time. I answer the door in them, go to get parcels from the mail man and pick up mail from the mail box in my jammies. I wouldn’t go any further than that but heck, what can they see! My jammies cover all… if it bothers someone – it is their problem not mine.

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I’ve been fond of saying that, if a man can’t pee off his own back porch for fear of riling the neighbors, it’s time to move! : )

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Pee on the lemon tree Captain Harley – it is good for them :-)

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In NY city it would look very strange to leave the building in a bathrobe.
I will go to the trash chute in my lounging clothes. But people aren’t in the halls much.

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@Bellatrix LOL! If you say so! : ))

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