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If it's true that there is little to no evidence that any technologically-developed life has visited our planet, could it be that no civilization in our galaxy has developed interstellar travel?

Asked by Brian1946 (28701points) April 3rd, 2012

If you think there might be a civilization in the Milky Way that has developed interstellar travel, why do you think they haven’t visited Earth?

If you think there is evidence that we have been visited by intentionally extraterrestrial travelers, what evidence or claims of evidence have you encountered?

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If there is a race, a civilization that has, maybe they’re just on the other side of our galaxy or just too far. Our galaxy is a vast place (though insignificant compared to the vastness of the universe) and our solar system is merely a a pin prick that I would imagine would be easy to miss and pass over.

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The GOP are keeping them away, duh!

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@Keep_on_running if the alien races are anything like us when it comes to being imperialistic, we should be thankful to the GOP for scaring them off

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It’s entirely possible that we are the only technologically advanced civilization in the galaxy.

It’s also extremely difficult to travel interstellar distances. This is something that is consistently been glazed over in the literature (science fiction). If we discovered a technologically advanced civilization on the other rim of the galaxy, it would take us millions of years to actually get there with current technology.

It’s also pretty hard to actually discover other civilizations from interstellar distances in the first place. We’ve just in the past few decades found extrasolar planets, and only by measuring little blips in luminosity as they transit stars. Maybe someday we’ll be able to zoom in on these planets and see if there are city lights on their dark sides or something. But, there’s billions and billions of planets. Needle in a haystack and whatnot.

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Why have you not visited and talked to the ant queen of your local ant hill?
And besides, there is sufficient evidence to entertain the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitation.

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I’ve thought this often. Why is it assumed that if other intelligent races exist somewhere in the universe, they’re technologically advanced enough to come visit us??

Maybe they’re as advanced as us and basically confined to their own solar system.

Maybe they’re less advanced than us and stuck on their own planet.

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Maybe they are vastly superior to you, and just not interested. They might not even consider you intelligent.
Maybe they are here and are doing their best to conceal their presence.
Why is it assumed? Of the countless intelligent races that are very likely to exist out there in the universe, it is extremely unlikely that all of them are at most at your level. It is actually extremely egocentric to assume that, especially with the 2 mass extinctions that set life on earth back to almost zero, which would give alien civilisations that did not have to contend with that a massive head start of hundreds of millions of years.

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Or, it’s possible that other life in our galaxy has evolved at the same rate as us. Maybe we’ll get into a head on at the half way point when we’ve developed the capability of light speed travel.

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I have always said, “if we are here, they are there”.

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@ragingloli: Or maybe “they”... Are you.

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Or maybe they are too far away, have not figured out how to travel faster than light, have life spans similar to ours, and are unwilling to commit entire generations to the visit.

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I ALREADY SAID THAT @LuckyGuy!! Only…you said it betterer. sniff.—

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Three different questions.

Too far away or not interest in visiting earth

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