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Will I be able to use my iPhone while travelling, without roaming?

Asked by bw (71points) June 28th, 2007

I'm planning on a trip to Europe in the late summer and I don't want to bring my laptop. Can I use my iPhone over there to stay on top of email and the like, without having to roam? Essentially, I'd like to use it in "Airplane Mode" but still have the wifi enabled.

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An "anonymous tipster" here says essentially says "Yes" (in the update):

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I'd be leary of this... while it is true that once activated, the iPod functions will continue to work regardless of service status... in order to stay on top of your email, you'll have to turn airplane mode off in order to use WiFi. The way the software is set up now (judging by the videos on if you turn on WiFi, the phone radio will be powered up as well and will probably connect to a network. If you got a call I suppose you could just not answer it and make sure all data flowed through WiFi, but it would be a challenge :)

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Unfortunately no, I read that you need to use roaming in I can't seem to find the link though.

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once you activate it, you can use the wifi without paying roaming charges
but there is no way to deactivate your at&t; service - so even in europe , at&t; will charge you for roaming even though you might not have an international roaming plan

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travelors are paying through the nose—you have to disable your data plan and e-mail accounts entirely before you leave and rely 100% on wifi and safari or you will end up with a phone bill in the $1,000’s… another case of AT&T charging for the air you breathe :( I am dumping them the day my plan expires ):

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even if you sign up for their $300 per year int’l roaming plan, it only covers 20MB per month… you will still end up paying through the nose
the only possibility out of this is when int’l sim become available… regular travelors know what I mean…

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