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What age is a good age to start feeding a baby baby food?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44638points) April 3rd, 2012

Please bear with me. My son has a 4.5 month old baby. He has 50/50 custody and has the baby 50% of the time. Mom is a nut case. Last week he fed the baby some peaches for the first time. She ate the whole jar! She loved them.

A couple of days later Mom called, freaking out because the baby’s poo was not “normal.” Chris told her he’d given the baby peaches in addition to her formula. She freaked out, insisting that babies aren’t ready for baby food until 6 months.

THEN she somehow got a doctor to sign off on not starting the baby on baby food until 6 months, said she was going to sue my son if he did it again.

Is she crazy?


Some back history, if you’re interested.

She does so many crazy things. When the baby was a month old she was worried because she ate, like 3.5 ounces and the doctor supposedly said she wasn’t supposed to have “more than” 3 ounces. I tried to tell her that the doctor probably said that at least 3 ounces was average and tried to tell her that more than that was OK if they wanted it. She still fretted.

A week ago she accused my son of letting the baby get sun burned (he didn’t.) Her reaction was to feed her pedialyte, perhaps exclusively from Sunday to the following Tuesday at 4:00, when my son got her again. The baby threw up pedialyte first thing. He finally called me Tuesday night, about 3 hours later, concerned because whenever he tried to feed the baby she’d throw it back up…along with pedialyte that he hadn’t fed her. I told him to just wait for a while, and finally about 9 pm she took a bottle and kept it down.

The list goes on and on Honestly…Munchausen Syndrome starts sneaking into my thoughts sometimes….

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Some doctors recommend starting solids at 4 months while others say it’s best to wait until 6 months. They usually recommend starting with cereal (rice or oatmeal) before going to fruits and veggies.

As for all the other issues, the best thing he can do is document everything that’s going on so that he can address that with his lawyer (if he has one) or with the courts.

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Yes, I did it a bit differently. I was more methodical than my son is being. I started with rice cereal mixed with formula, then gradually mixed fruits in with it…. (know what?...that stuff is REALLY GOOD! I musta put on 5 pounds!) However…I think women over think and fuss over more things, for better or worse.

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I was weaned onto solids (mainly pureed fruit) very young – about 8–12 weeks, but that was because I was dairy intolerant and severely malnourished, and my mother and the doctors were trying to find a way of preventing me from starving to death. (This was long before soya milk was an option). Every baby is different though. I started my daughter on baby food at about 4.5 months and she loved it. If the baby is ready, she’ll eat it. If she’s not, she won’t.

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Babies are ready when the formula or milk is no longer enough to satisfy them.

It sounds to me like the back and forth fighting between your son and his ex might end up causing not only eating issues but anxiety issues for the baby. I feel sorry for the baby, because it’s like a ball getting batted back and forth, with fighting parents.

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It is awful, @jca. But it isn’t back and forth. It’s just going one way…from her. I mean, every time he takes the baby back to her she finds SOME thing to accuse him of. Some sort of neglect or abuse, she’s gonna call the cops because “she has marks” (undefined) but he is a fantastic father. The baby means everything to him. He wasn’t ready for children. He’s the kind of guy who wanted to be married and have a job that would let him support a family. But the mother tricked him (back when she was his girlfriend,) went off birth control and lied to him about it. He wasn’t ready, but he’s stepping up 100%. He’s the kind of dad who will shelter the baby from her games as much as he can.

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@Dutchess_III: It sounds to me like he’s doing good and is a caring, concerned dad. I just meant that when a baby or child is in the middle of a conflict like that, they pick up on it and especially with a nutty mother and her food issues, I hope it doesn’t start making the baby nervous or anything.

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I know @jca. It’s painful when it’s all out of your own control. The kids’ dad played head- games with them after the divorce. I think I handled damage control as well as could be expected, but I’ve seen what can happen when neither parent cares enough to do so. So…we’ll just have to watch and wait and see.

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