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Is Belize a nice place to visit?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) April 3rd, 2012

I heard bad things. I heard it’s totally boring.

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Here’s a list of 266 things to do in the country.

I have friends who have been there. They said the beaches were fabulous. Enjoy.

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Boring? Seriously?

I enjoyed snorkeling the reefs (although I missed the whale shark migration by just a few weeks – I would have loved to swim with the largest fish in the sea) and racing the dolphins in the boat on the way out.

I happened to be visiting a Mayan ruin while an archeological dig was going on and got to hold an artifact (a pottery head) just after it was pulled from the ground – it had last been touched 4000 years earlier.

I went spelunking in a cave that was so extreme, there’s no way any US tourism would take on that kind of liability risk.

I rode a bike to the nearest village to visit the artists cooperative and watch a sculptor at work, and later visited a women’s cooperative for Mayan descendents and bought pottery and other crafts.

I would emerge from my private cabana on the beach and walk to the ocean-side pool for a drink made from fresh squeezed tropical fruits, and then have a gourmet dinner under the tikki torches.

I saw black-faced howler monkeys and Jesus lizards. I hiked in the jungle to visit waterfalls and swam in cenotes.

I kayaked down a river to have lunch with a farming family that lived “off the grid”, in the same conditions that they had lived in for 6 generations, and sang happy birthday to the patriarch of the family that was celebrating his 100th birthday on that day.

Anyone who went and had a boring time has only themselves and their lack of imagination and initiative to blame.

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The scuba diving is also outstanding. Belize is at the south end of the world’s second biggest reef system.

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Belize is amazing and I actually went there BECAUSE of all the diverse things I could see and do.

For the first time in my life I went snorkeling. My guide was awesome and finally gave me the courage to go. I didn’t go diving (baby steps here, people), but while snorkeling I saw stingray, nurse sharks, sea turtles, baracuda and all kinds of fish I don’t know the names of lol.

I spent time on the beach which was about 20 steps from my private beach cabana. Bartender made sure a drink was always in hand and food whenever I needed it.

I visited 2 archeological sites of Mayan ruins. I climbed to the top of the High Temple, and when at the top, you are above the jungle canopy. I could see into Guatemala! Took a river cruise to get there and saw manatees in the river, as well as some crocodiles. The guide coaxed a howler monkey onto the boat and I got to feed it. One of the sites had a lot of avocado trees, so I brought a few back with me and the resort kitchen made me a meal with them. Delish!! They also cooked the lobsters of guests that went diving and caught them.

I went spelunking as well. I actually did that as a tubing adventure. There is the river that winds through the caves and you drift through it on a tube. Disneyland and any waterpark has got nothing on Belize’s natural lazy rivers lol.

I zip lined through the jungle.

I spent a day in town and shopped local art and street vendors. To this day, my favorite piece of local art I have bought on vacation has been from Belize and was made by an indigenous Mayan tribe.

And I went to the Jaguar reserve and saw a fucking jaguar!

You have been seriously mis-informed, however, it does depend on what you are looking to do on vacation. If you are looking for nightlife and bustling cities, it’s not the place for you. If you are looking to go explore nature and ancient history, and pass out on a beach, then it’s the place for you!

I don’t necessarily agree with @Hawaii_jake about the beaches though. While nice (it’s the Caribbean, duh), most other Caribbean islands I have been to have much better beaches. Although I hear the beaches in the south of the country are better than the North and I stayed on Ambergris Caye. I wouldn’t go if you were looking to go and pass out on a beach for a week.

The people are soooooo nice and helpful. The national language is English, so there is no language barrier. Whoever you know that went must be a boring person, because I went by myself and was never bored.

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