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Do you prefer Pandora or Spotify?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30552points) April 3rd, 2012

And, please, tell us why?

I haven’t tried Spotify, and I’m wondering whether I should.

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They’re totally different things. Pandora is really great for recommending songs based on similar artists, and Spotify is a lot more of an iTunes alternative, with a giant streaming library of songs.

Let me put it this way. If I wanted to listen to the new Shins album, I’d look it up on Spotify and listen to the entire thing. If I wanted to listen to bands similar to The Shins, I’d boot up a Shins station on Pandora.

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I have a policy of never using apps that you have to access through Facebook so I haven’t tried Spotify. I love Pandora and listen to it through my tv.

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I prefer Pandora, because it gives me more variety. Same reasons why @DeanV does.

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I started with Pandora many years ago [10 or so?] and liked its ability to branch out from seed songs while still maintaining an awareness of type of music chosen. I don’t know Spotify

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Neither. and Grooveshark

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Yeah, Grooveshark. For one thing, I can record from it with Applian Director.

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Haven’t tried spotify because other people’s songs keep showing up in my facebook feed. That **** is annoying.

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@Haleth WORD!

I only use Pandora and my iTunes. That’s enough music to listen to for a lifetime.

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@janbb How do you do that? How do you listen to Pandora thru your TV?

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I can’t use Pandora, it’s blocked outside of the US. I have accounts on, Spotify and Grooveshark but I like the best.

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@2davidc8 I have a Sony Google tv and it has a Pandora station.

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You don’t have to link Spotify to your Facebook account. Mine’s not linked. I prefer Spotify over Pandora because I can choose exactly what I listen to, but Pandora is nice when I want to listen to something new. If I can’t find something on Spotify, sometimes I can find it on Grooveshark.

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@janbb Thank you for your answer. As I understand it, you’re saying that your TV has Pandora built in, right?

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Right – it is an app that is a menu choice as is Netflix streaming, etc.

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