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I'm looking for a song that starts slow and hits an intense climax mid-song then falls again at the end for a skit. Any ideas?

Asked by Sune1ope (7points) April 3rd, 2012

It’s for a skit, something with lyrics that aren’t terribly distracting would be awesome.

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Welcome to Fluther! Nothing comes to mind immediately, but I’ll think about it. Something is dancing around in my mind.

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Lonely House from Street Scene. (an oldie) It’s kind of haunting as the person singing reacts to the loneliness he/she is feeling alone in the city and it trails off at the end.

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Oh! You Pretty Things and Space Oddity by David Bowie.
Dogs by Pink Floyd, and virtually anything else by them. Check out Echoes, Time and Comfortably Numb, while you’re at it.

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Stairway to Heaven does that.

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Another welcome to Fluther!

Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now is the first one to come to mind. There are so many covers for it that if you need a version without lyrics, Here’s one played by The Royal Philosophic Orchestra.

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Music is My First Love by John Miles

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“Light My Fire” by the Doors

“Bolero” by Maurice Ravel

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The lyrics might be a bit distracting, but Dance Yrself Clean.

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Freebird, Skynyrd, or Long Time, Boston. I’m not a tuber, sorry.

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Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”

Mamas and the Papas “Young Girls Keep coming to the Canyon”

Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”

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The granddaddy of intense crescendo songs has got to be Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Also almost any song written by Jim Steinham.

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Maria, from Westside Story starts and ends softly with an ecstatic middle.

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Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

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In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins.

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There are so many Tool songs that fit that description, if that’s the style of music you are looking for.

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I just heard an old Juice Newton song, Total Eclipse, that is a good one too!

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I was also thinking of Bohemian Rhapsody, but another one that comes to mind is Eminence Front by the Who

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