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Do you make a big thing of your birthday?

Asked by filmfann (49336points) April 4th, 2012

Yesterday it was my birthday… (I hung one more year on the line…)
Some of my facebook friends were caught off guard by this because I don’t post my birthday on my profile. I also don’t have a party, or accept gifts.
I feel birthdays are best celebrated when you are 10 years old or younger, or if it is an important year, like 13, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40…
An argument can be made for each of those years being life altering.
I just find it a little self-obsessive to celebrate the random day I was born.
Do you advertise your birthday?
Do you celebrate it with a party?

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My birthday is special to me. I love parties, but have not had many.

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Sigh….no, but my Mommie and sister still send me cards, which I very much appreciate.

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I like a low key birthday and I always have. I turn the big 4–0 this year and I’m already in talks with my family to keep it low key.

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I do enjoy and look forward to my birthday and I do llike it when friends and family notice it. I try not to put the burden of it being special on anyone else though so I try to plan special activities for myself or with friends that I know I will enjoy. This year which could have been a bust was a great day because I invited a close friend to sleep over, made a brunch date with her and other women friends and then had some surprise drop by guests later in the day.

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I never have actual birthday parties. Just cake with family and sometimes going out for dinner.

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What can I say? During my younger years, celebrating my birthday did not seem that important to me. As I gracefully age, each birthday is a milestone in my life.

My mother died when she was 94. Dad died when he was 80. Hopefully, I will make it to somewhere between 80 and 94.

Birthday’s matter in older age.

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My birthday is Dec. 26, the day after Xmas and so I have, historically, celebrated it within the context of the holidays. Not too many people want to go to a birthday party the day after Xmas. lol It’s really not that important to me at all, it’s nice to be remembered and celebrate, but my ego is not attached to any certain acknowledgment, it’s really just another day.

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Yes, my birthdays are very important to me, and I get so excited about them. To me, they’re just as fun as Christmas! My husband jokes with me that I don’t have a “birthday”, I have a “birthmonth”, because I’m excited for the whole month of May. While I don’t typically have a “party”, my parents like to take me out to dinner.

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My birthday is the Fourth of July, yes, I have firework celebrations every year. I love really big displays.

And happy birthday.

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I used to throw huge outdoor parties but as I moved and got older the notion of a big celebration faded. Now a nice dinner out is enough fun for the event. We still have the party but it is more for my son whose birthday is a week after mine.

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I don’t advertise it .. people close to me know when it is. That’s good enough for me.

I prefer to stay in the background… so being the center of attention on that day or any day isn’t my thing.

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Oh man, for years and years we had family birthdays that began in Nov. and went through Dec. It was insane!
Many multiple celebrations going on.
We had Nov. 11, 14, and 2 on the 18th, followed by Dec. 6, 11, 16, and 26! Lots of combination B-Day parties.

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No. I never did. Some years we had a little cake. Some years we skipped. I never really cared.

Then, last year, I turned 40 – and nothing happened. No cake, no party, no gifts… two or three cards (maybe).

Sure, my wife bought me a last minute card and a few folks on Facebook remembered – but that was it.

I don’t know why I was expecting anything when I never do – but, for some reason, this year, I thought a bunch of friends and family would get together and do a little something.

But no, nothing.

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@cprevite you didn’t get the cookies I mailed you?

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I make nothing of it and wish others to do the same.

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While I don’t make a big deal about my birthday, I’m very appreciative of anyone who recognizes it, however big or small the gesture. And I love to do special things to celebrate others’ birthdays (if I like them!) ;-)

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@janbb: ‘fraid not, but the mailman has put on some pounds. :^)

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Well hey you guys..I’ve decided to take myself shopping today for some cute new spring clothes…because, well…it was my birthday 3 months ago. lololol I can rationalize anything, yes I can! haha

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I won’t be shopping in my birthday suit though.
Ta ta gang..Colomas goin’ shoppin’ woo hoo! Happy birthday to me! ;-)

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I hate celebrating my birthday. Acknowledging it is fine, but no parties, please.

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Not much and always quietly.

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I usually try and disappear on my birthday. I don’t like being the centre of attention and the idea of a party scares the crap out if me so I tend to celebrate it by going to the theatre or something like that with either my boyfriend or my dad.

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I’m not really into big birthday celebrations. As long as my SO remembers it, that’s good enough for me. Usually we just celebrate with a nice dinner for two. Although, he keeps teasing that when I turn 40, he’s going to throw a big death-themed party with black balloons and roses. Fortunately, that’s quite a ways off, so maybe he will forget by then, I hope.

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This question and the answers is a great example of why it’s important to practice The Platinum Rule instead of The Golden Rule. For anyone unfamiliar with either:

Golden Rule Do unto others as you want done unto you.

Platinum Rule Do unto others as they want done unto them.

So, in the birthday example, wouldn’t it be best if we learn the preference for celebration of the person and act accordingly? For those that don’t desire the recognition, how about just sending them a private card or note? And for those that want to celebrate, why not join in, if possible? After all, it’s important to them.

To answer the question, just see @Coloma‘s initial answer. Same birth date; same sentiment on celebration preference.

Note to the world: Just because my birthday is the day after Christmas, please do not offer fruitcake. I swore that stuff off when I turned six and finally realized that I didn’t have to eat this family favorite.

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No. I don’t know if I’m rare, but I don’t mind it when my husband forgets—which he usually does! I remember one year we were on the road to Pittsburg. He had some sales calls to make and planned to stay with his dad who lives in Pittsburg. I rode along, like I used to do sometimes. Got a phone call from my son. My son RARELY calls so Rick was curious as to what he wanted. I said, “To wish me happy birthday.”
Rick choked..“Today isn’t your birthday!”
“Yes,” I replied, holding back a grin, “It is.”
“You sure?” he said?
“Pretty sure,” I said…then couldn’t help breaking out into laughter at his OMG look! :)
So, he took me out to dinner that night. It was funny!

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Not usually, but I think this year will be different. April 18th =)

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Hey…PM me on April 17th, would you?!

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I am a child. I love birthdays and I want my family and friends to make a fuss of me. Not in a crazy way, but I think birthdays are special. April 16th.

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No, I don’t like to celebrate birthdays anymore.

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Nope, last big birthday was in my late teens. I don’t really care about it now, but it’s still nice when someone wishes you a happy birthday. :)

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Dang @Bellatrix! A lot of April Birthdays! Like I told Facade (whose birthday is the 18th, if I remember) send me a PM the day before so’s I remember! I’ll be in charge of April Birthdays, K?

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I will try to remember to do that @Dutchess_III :-)

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I was serious! I have a memory like a sieve. I will try though… honest! When is yours @Dutchess_III.

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I’ve never celebrated my birthday by having a party. It was always only my parents, sisters, and I celebrating quietly at home. On occasion my friends would surprise me with gifts and cards, I always greatly appreciated that from them. In recent years I find many people forget my birthday all together and, besides my family, I end up receiving very few birthday wishes. It’s become more of a day of realization than something to celebrate.

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I like a little fuss on my birthday, but nothing over-the-top. Happy belated birthday, @filmfann!

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