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Is the RxSavingsPlus medication discount card reputable?

Asked by selfe (282points) April 4th, 2012

We noticed these cards in a U.S. Emergency Room. Supposedly with this card anybody in the family (including pets) can get discounts on medications not covered by their insurance. The card we have is issued by Smarana. The URL and the 1–877-673–3688 toll-free number are on the card. I also see “CVS Caremark” and MinuteClinic on it.

I’m not sure about the basis for the discount. Does anybody know anything more about these medication discount cards? Has anybody used them? Any comments? On the Internet I am also finding RxSavingsPlus cards issued by other entities (American Dental Care, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) but I’m not sure if they are from the same program…

Thank you for any information you might have!

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It’s really as simple as flashing the card to the person ringing you up at your local CVS. Well that’s how it works in the San Diego area.

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Yes they work really well, when we were transitioning to a new state the insurance coverage took a while to get covered so while I was waiting for the new insurance to kick in and be back dated I tried it and it saved me over 200.00 on my daughters medication. I found some of the perscriptions I filled with it were cheaper than my actual co-pay. I could believe how it worked

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As long as they’re the type where you don’t have to pay a monthly fee (as you do for some of the Dental insurance plans being advertised), its fine

Some of these are also available as Android Apps in the marketplace. I was amazed at how much ive been saving since beginning to use them.

I first became aware of them a few months ago when one of them was mentioned by Clark Howard on his HLN show. So I started checking out all the ones I could find in the market and it turns out that the one mentioned on his show wasn’t even the one with the lowest prices or the most easy to use interface (at least for the medications I’m taking)

But they really do give dirt cheap prices on generics. I was delighted.

I asked one pharmacist about how these work and he explained that its similar to the deals that these pharmacies make with various health plans. In exchange for getting a larger number of customers in their base, they’re willing to offer attractive savings.

So it really doesn’t matter to them that the increased number of customers have a common affiliation (such as the health plan of the company they work for) other than a web site or Android App, since they’re getting a repeat customer (and the website presumably gets a very small kickback, per person, to enable them to stay in business)

So its a win/win situation for all concerned, especially us consumers.

But just be on the alert for some of these Dental things where you pay a monthly fee for surprisingly little coverage of the things you actually need.

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So long as their accepted and discounted by the Rx then their all reputable.. You have to realize though that you can’t double dip and most insurance covers (at least partially) all meds. So, I suppose you have a choice of using your insurance card or the Rx card but not both.

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