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Has Mirlande Wilson (who allegedly won lots of millions of dollars in the lottery) set a brand new human standard of stupidity?

Asked by josie (30926points) April 4th, 2012
She works at McDonalds. She claims she hit the recent MegaMillion lottery which is worth too many millions to count (which she hints is hidden somewhere in a McDonald’s “restaurant”).
She has not produced the ticket. She organized a press conference and did essentially nothing but talk on her cell, while her lawyer told the press to go home after they had been invited to attend the press conference.
If she has the ticket she is an idiot since in her state you can claim anonymously and only an idiot would expose themselves to every begger on earth who would like a cut of the bounty.
On the other hand if she does not have the ticket she is an idiot because now everybody knows she is an idiot, including the folks at McDonalds.
There may be a tie for stupid.
But is there anybody more stupid?
There probably is.
But who are they?
Please provide some evidence if they exist.

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She appears to be IT….........dumb a__!!

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I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to work at McDonalds to make ends meet and feel good about my life. I feel bad for her that she is so caught up in whatever it is that is her life to make the choices she has made since last Friday Night.

Stupid?? Don’t know her that well but from what little has been revealed of this young lady, desperate is the word I would apply to this girl.

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Well… She is 37. Not old to be sure. But not a young lady or a girl.

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@josie Sorry not paying that close attention and I would be more inclined to use desperate knowing she is actually 37 and making 7 bucks and hour at a McDonalds. 37 is pretty damn young in my world! ;)

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What does that have to do with exhibiting behaviours that indicate stupidity? Unless working at McDonalds is proof of stupidity, which it is not.

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@josie I did not use the word stupidity…you did.

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I don’t think she has a ticket. I think she is a performance artist. I dig it.

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@Cruiser But stupidity is the basis of the question. Anyway, I’m not going to argue about it. Just asking.
@filmfann And that is also a possibility. I doubt it. But we’ll see.

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I found someone else. This lady is given $12,000, but calls the cops to report it…......The cops kept the money, claiming it’s drug money.

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@Blackberry We may have a tie.

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That is just being honest and cautious. Cautious not only because she might have gotten into legal trouble, but also because the criminals whose money it was might not be very gentle when retrieving their property.

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I think she has the ticket, but doesn’t want to share it with her co-workers as she should (they pooled money together). Now she’s dug a hole for herself and can’t keep her story straight.

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I dunno. I’m sure someone somewhere is mentally installing her in a reality show. Even without the ticket she could strike it rich. And her crime, if you can call it a crime, is victimless.

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One major error appears to be the fact that she claims that she bought tickets as part of the pool and as an individual, but apparently can’t give conclusive proof as to which tickets were in the pool and which weren’t. The winning may be a part of the pool (and she may know this), but as far as who gets the money, the burden of proof is on the people who don’t physically have the winning ticket. The person who possesses the ticket is the owner unless proven otherwise.

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@PhiNotPi So does that mean she might not be an idiot? That this is all a fiendishly clever ploy to disconnect herself from her “player group”? Ingenious!

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I believe she is a pure, Grade A idiot… but I’ve definitely seen worse.

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