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How to get to sleep?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) May 26th, 2008 from iPhone

it’s 4:32 AM and I CANNOT SLEEP. Please help!

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Go for a run (doesn’t have to be long, just enough to get a little worn out) or do some exercises, have a really hot shower and make yourself super-comfy in bed, reading, listening or watching something (sound of music always does the trick for me). You’ll doze off in no time.

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Reading usually does the trick for me.

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Actually, I’ve read you should never exercise three hours before bedtime. You can take calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These are known sleep aids and help with restless leg syndrome, if you happen to have that. My wife has RLS (which is why I am awake at a quarter to 3am!). Some swear by chamomile tea. I personally hate tea.
Milk and honey are good. Even better is milk and brandy.
Also, I know this sounds strange, eating warm or room temperature potatoes, pasta, or a piece of candy before bed can help you sleep. Or so I’ve read. Of course, some say never eat right before turning in.
Good luck.

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I find warm milk and just a walk around the house do the trick. The only thing that stops me from sleeping after that is worry.

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Phyllis Diller used to say don’t go to sleep with an argument unsettled. Being upset can keep you up. Try to make up with someone before you go to bed. This could also lead to lack of sleep for different reasons. But that could be good, right?

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That last part kinda goes back to the question of exercise… correct me if I’m wrong, but sleep tends to follow shortly after?

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what’s keeping you up? Do you battle worry or is it something you ate or drank? Surley your wifes RLS does not keep you awake to this hour. If it is the leg I suggest a good roll of ductape and some soft music. Perhaps something of the yacht rock era.

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try valium or ambien. sometimes aids are there for exactly these reasons.

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Have great sex

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1)Chug a glass of water.
2)Set the temperature to 72 degrees.
3)Lie in bed until you fall asleep.

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One answer that I don’t see here that may help you is tht there is far too much ambient light in our modern world. Do everything you can to darken your bedroom including covering the face of every digital glowing readout. You will sleep much better.

Also, you need to either be asleep before 11:30 P.M. or your body will compensate and you will be up until 1 A.M.

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I had the same problem last night >.<
My mind wanders and I can’t sleep.
I found the best way to get to sleep is to turn the radio on to a talk show.
The radio does the thinking for you, and you can get some Z’s

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@wildflower- can’t argue with that. We men do typically roll over afterwards and fall asleep. But I don’t think it is insomnia that is keeping us up (no pun intended) so in this situation falling asleep is not an issue. In fact, one could argue that an unsatisfied labido could be a cause of insomnia. At least with men and our pig brains.

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But that still brings us back to the same thing…..unsatisfied libido, address it with some….exercise ..and voila! you fall asleep (far less than 3 hours after) and insomnia fixed.

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Sleeping pills? They make them just for this reason and sell them almost anywhere. I.E. – Lunesta.

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Listening to the soundtrack for the film The Hours is very effective for me.

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A nice warm bath, followed by soft sweet lotion, crisp sheets, heavy blankets, in a cool room.

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Visualize walking along a very pleasant path, including all the sights, and various sensory experiences to enrich your sense of being in there. Visualization brings you one step closer to dreaming, and the pleasant surroundings are soothing. With practice, the path may be experienced as your own unique path to sleep. This is also very helpful in interrupting brain-stimulating thought loops (

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