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Why do you chew your child's food and spit it into your baby's mouth, and why do you ingest your placenta?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 4th, 2012

Don’t dentists advise adults to keep their germs to themselves thank you very much?
Don’t animals do all kinds of crazy things that humans should never think of doing?
Here is a video.

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Who told you I did?

I think this is some of that bizarre behavior that will pop up in the fringes of any human society.

However strange… Given our diversity, someone will consider it a lifestyle.

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I guess she couldn’t afford a blender. :(
Yeah, I heard about this. Pretty gross.
But I will say I think humans infants once ate this way. I remember both of my kids would try to put their mouths on mine whenever I was eating food and they were next to me or sitting on my lap. They would either try to reach for my mouth with their hands or their own mouths.
Of course I didn’t do it but the memory always stuck with me. I couldn’t help wonder if instinct drove them to do that the same way a baby looks for moms boobs for drink. So I’m sure before, fork and knives and blenders, that is the way babies were fed.
I just don’t get how with the fear of people even breathing on kids, mom considered this sanitary.

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I didn’t, and don’t. Ew. But I agree with @Pandora that pre-chewing most likely was the norm at some point in history.

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When this was posted, I thought perhaps the baby would be 6 – 9 months old for some reason. But that kid looked almost two and seemed to have a full set of kid teeth. My daughter is a little bit younger than him and can chew up her own food and use utensils on her own.

This probably wouldn’t have bothered me as much if he were under a year old, but at his age, I was a bit squicked out. Of course, my daughter is still breastfeeding and some people are squicked by that. One big difference though – we only bf in private and I don’t post it on youtube.

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There was a whole discussion on this about a week ago here.

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In fact, both of these topics were discussed in separate questions around the same time.

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I do neither, and I think it’s gross. Yes, I said “gross” and I’m not in kindergarten. Because it is gross.

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Gross is right.

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There was a whole discussion on this about a week ago here.

In fact, both of these topics were discussed in separate questions around the same time.

It’s like some folks inhabit an entirely different website, eh?

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I wonder let’s say the child had to be left with a nanny, or whoever else, if they’re expected to feed the baby the same way? I am dying to know that.

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…I suppose they see it as a“bonding” act so I guess they wouldn’t expect the anyone else to.

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What about “wet nurses”? That’s a woman that breastfeeds someone else’s child, right?

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Interesting. I guess I would rather another woman’s breast milk than all the germs from an adult to a child’s relatively clean mouth.

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I don’t do either….I think both are disgusting. Blenders are really cheap these days.

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