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Is there a way to basically take your entire desktop and transfer it to the admin account on your computer?

Asked by AshlynM (10677points) April 5th, 2012

This is from the same laptop.

I want to be able to transfer my files from the user account, which I normally use, to the admin account.

I went to start>control panel>system>advance tab>user profile settings. I was supposed to click on “copy to” but it’s been greyed out for both user and admin accounts. Is there some other way to accomplish this?

I’m assuming I can just take a flash drive and transfer files that way, but I’m seeking another way before trying that.

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i’m pretty sure the admin account should be able to access any files on the machine. Are you talking about the profiles?

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Whoa. Wait. The “User Profile” thing you’re jacking with isn’t really involved in the movement of files. It’s about establishing persistent settings for your userid across multiple machines.

What files exactly are you looking to move over to the admin account?

If you’re just talking about stuff in the “My Documents” folder, then that should be a straight-forward copy-and-paste from your current id’s “My Documents” over to the admin’s “My Documents”. As @gambitking mentioned, chances are good that the admin id will be able to access your current id’s files there, so perform the copy as the admin. The same is true of the “Desktop” folder, “My Pictures,” “My Music,” et cetera.

Else if you find those files locked down, you can either change the file permissions on the Security tab (My Documents > right-click Properties) or just use the flash drive as you already said.

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Why? If you need super powers, you can use the admin account to change your regular account to an administer account.

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