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Would it be weird if I read young adult fiction at 18 years old?

Asked by letmeknow17 (97points) April 5th, 2012

Would it be weird if an older teenager(18yo) read a book series like Warriors by Erin Hunter (I started reading them when I was younger, around 14/15, but recently thought about starting back up and finishing the books I have)?

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No. Read anything you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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@coelacanth Thank you and good advice.

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Of course it would be weird. It would be weird to you, obviously, since you’ve brought it up.

So what? Embrace your weirdness.

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Not at all. I read Young Adult fiction myself.

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Yes it would be weird. You should be chasing skirts and partying with your friends like normal 18 year old guys do.

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I read everything from children’s lit to young adult to adult literature. A good book is a good book is a good book. (Plus what else are you gooing to do when you are sitting on an iceberg.)

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@charles ill get there man lol, but for now i think im just going to be weird

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The task of young adulthood and for that matter adulthood is to find out who you are and embrace it. Go for it!

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No. Read what you like! Heck, I am 52 and I still LOVE watching all the animated videos for kids. I have almost all the Disney movies and just watched the Shrek movies again recently and the newer Disney movie “Tangled.”

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Get a Kindle. No one has to know what you are reading.

Personally, I hide a copy of the Anarchist’s Handbook inside a book cover for The Holy Bible. But that’s just because it fits my sense of irony, not that I would ever read anything as boring as either of those books.

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I’m in my 40s and there are still some young adult fiction that I enjoy. I’m still anxiously anticipating the conclusion to Antony Horowitz’s “Power of Five” series. I certainly don’t feel embarrassed by sitting there reading them on the bus.

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It would be weird to ignore a book you really enjoy and want to read out of concern about what someone else might think of you for reading it. I recently had a fling with lesbian feminist science fiction. And I am a married male. Read what appeals to you.

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Not weird at all, millions of adults must have read the Harry Potter books?

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Nah, I still read the Mr Men series… and I’m not very younger than yourself.

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Crap. I’m 48 and I read young adult fiction all the time.

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Aren’t Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games considered “Young Adult Fiction”?? I’m 32 and I’ve read all of those. But then… I am weird. :D

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I’m 22 and I love young adult fiction. I love it so much that I’ve written a YA novel myself and I have three more in various stages of completion.

Perks of Being a Wallflower is by far my favorite, followed by Looking for Alaska, Staying Fat for Sara Byrnes, Elsewhere, and many others. It’s a great genre.

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I read it at 40. At first it was for work (as I was a YA librarian) but now I just like it better. I like the pace of the books better than most adult fiction among other things.

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You read what you want to read, whenever you read it. It suits where you are. Sometimes you outgrow books and sometimes you grow into them. One book that was really right for me at one time but is not now is D.H. Lawrence’s Women In Love.
Go with the flow.

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Of course not. Read what you like.

I happened onto an online group of mature adults who read and comment on YA fiction. At first I was a little surprised, but I respected their opinions. Recently I read two recommended works myself. Watching an author manage good characterizations, description, and plot development within a narrower scope and at a generally faster pace is a good lesson for someone who habitually uses too many words.

I don’t actually consider Harry Potter to be YA. I don’t think those novels are pitched at any one definable age group. They seem to appeal to kids and seniors and all ages in between.

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Read. What you read is not important. I’m over 40 and still read the “Little House on the Prairie” Books (and I record the TV version of the book on my DVR). I’m way beyond weird.

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No. Read what interests you.

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As a side note I think I should make it clear I’m always with my 3 year old sister when I do read the Mr Men books…. Just thought it would be best to clear that up just in case some of you begin to think I’m a bit loony.

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