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What is something all your ex's have in common?

Asked by JustPlainBarb (5027points) April 5th, 2012

Besides the fact they’re all your ex’s… :)

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I have two and they have a birthday within two days of each other and were in the same class at the same college. The joke in the family is that if I ever remarry, I know where to look.

If I include the boy friends, they were all tall, dark, handsome and bookish.

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They all have a shade of brown hair.

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They all were between 6’2 and 6’4.

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I want to say “All my exes live in Texas” but that wouldn’t be true. Instead, I will say that all my exes had intelligence and a sense of humor.

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My ex husband does live in Texas!
He moved there for work a year and a half ago and I have the entire state of California to myself again. Woo Hoo! lol
Otherwise, the common denominator with all my exes is that they are men. Nuff said. haha

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They all are no longer in a relationship with me hahah

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Not all of them, but an eerily majority had double initials. For example, there was Aaron A., Bill B., Charlie C., David D., Edward E., Freddie F., Grayson G., etc.

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All of them, ever? They were all women.

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Impeccable taste in men.

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@ucme So why are they exes?

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@janbb Saw that one coming, that’s because they just didn’t work out, as exes tend to do.

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@ucme Fair enough; I just couldn’t resist the open door.

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@janbb It wasn’t open it was ajar, as the coffee said to the…...oh never mind.

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All my exes do live in Texas. And they all have dark brown hair. And giant penises egos.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Iwonder if all three qualities go together?

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What… that Texas men are all dark-haired, well endowed and have giant egos? Yeah, probably. :D

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@WillWorkForChocolate LOL..well pop on over to Houston and shoot mine would ya?
Better yet, do your snake shovel routine. haha
Yes, I was going to say something along your same line, all my exes are huge dicks, literally and figuratively with egos to match.
Texas should be big enough to contain my exes ego too, along with the climate, the devil comes home to roost and my yellow rose is blooming again. lol

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They all have one thing in common: They don’t exist.

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They’re dead. :D

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@Symbeline is right. She told me they were meanieheads. So I killed them.

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Snake charmer with shovel for hire. lol

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@WillWorkForChocolate and her shovel, I can always depend. :)

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Yes, I will always remember the snake slaughter with the shovel and the need for a cocktail and a Xanax. lolol

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Guys, it’s not funny. That was a bloody, brutal murder with horrible aftereffects. I was shaking for hours, despite the Xanax and alcohol. Sheesh, make fun of a gal’s trauma, why don’t ya?

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Absurdly high libidos.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard LOL…too much for the old “rough rider” ey? lolol

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@Coloma not enough. ;-)

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Nothing, really. Except they all liked me, at least for a while. ~

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Almost all of them are still close friends with me.

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Depression issues, and the long term ones were both Leos.

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Bunch of Geminis. Which is supposed to be like one of the worst signs for me. And yet for a while in my life I just kept being enamored with Geminis.

I believe I’m breaking that curse because I haven’t had any crushes on Geminis lately. And they’ve been refreshing.

I don’t really buy into astrology though the personalities for each sign can be oddly accurate sometimes.

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Awwww. I wanted to say what they all have in common is that they are all my exes, but then I saw your description. Well, all of my ex-boyfriends are male. That’s pretty obvious, though. Hmm. They all can be quite caring when they want to be.

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All but one of the men I’ve had sex with has a college degree of some kind. Not necessarily exes, but I just realized that recently and had to share.,

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