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I'd like to get more subscibers for a friend's YouTube Channel, what is the BEST way to do that?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) April 5th, 2012

Basically it means more exposure and job possibilites, and I like to support my creative friends.

We’ve all seen people who can pretty much owe their careers to internet exposure- so why not take advantage of the medium.

I e-mailed the link to a few mutual friends, but so far the subscribers numbers have barely gone up- I feel like fixing that.

Do I post a Link with a brief description somewhere online to help get the videos (and other websites linked) noticed?

What would YOU do?

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It’s really up to your friend, not you, to attract subscribers.
It sounds to me as though you have done your part. You’ve watched and forwarded.

Cross-promotion is your friend’s responsibility.
What I would do if I were this artist:
* Post a blog on website showcasing his/her art
* Share blog posts and YouTube clips on Facebook and Twitter

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you’ve gotta do some good old fashioned web marketing and SEO. Lucky for you, YouTube is a Google product!

Youtube is also very much a social-oriented medium and you would also want to do some SMM (social media marketing) alongside the web marketing. Incentives work especially well, and at the end of the day, the ball is in your court to convince people of the reason they should subscribe.

Building a website or a blog for this won’t do you much good unless the channel is really huge. You can get a little bit of exposure right here on fluther (just don’t be a spammer) and show us the channel you’re talking about, and it might yield even better answers for you!

Anywho, I’ve got a lot of background in this arena, and if you want a few more tips and tidbits, feel free to Follow me on here and keep in touch over private message.

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Well, I suppose I should post the link if people are curious. The relevant content is recent and the channel still needs a background image and a thumbnail. Its pretty plain right now.

But I did encourage the posting of said videos. I beleive as a supportive friend my actions are worth more than mere words.

Maybe if more people saw the channel and its content the resulting input in comments (and, fingers crossed, more subscribers) would help and encourage my friend to develop it even further, since ultimatly- it is his channel.

worth a try:

(anyone reading this please note, I am not trying to be a spammer, you don’t have to click the link if you don’t want to) :)

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Make content that is good and interesting and the word will spread. Things that go viral, do so because they’re compelling for one reason or another, whether it’s novel in some exciting way, or engages our emotions honestly, or is very funny. Focus on the content.

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Move to Los Angeles and New York. There you can pretty much test the waters. Hipsters get a bad rep in public, but the truth is, for marketers, if it flies with hipsters, it’ll fly with anyone.

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