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Sustainable sheetgoods?

Asked by zeldaah (26points) May 26th, 2008

I need to find a piece of wheatboard or other “green” sheetgood (either 1/2” or 3/4”) to make a one-off stool. There’s lots of info on products like these, but mostly for manufacturers who are buying wholesale. Where can I go to get one 4’x8’ sheet? I don’t think green boards like this have hit the retail market yet. Any other suggestions would also be welcome!

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Maybe you can write to these people at display-smart and see if they can refer you to someone. It would at least be a starting point. Since it appears to be in the stages of infancy as far as availability, I think you will have to do a lot of your own legwork in ultimately being able to purchase it for private use.

Good luck, maybe some else has more information for you.

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I know this probably is not what you are after, but can you use Trex? It’s made from a combination of plastic bags and sawdust.

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