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Do you think Quentin Tarantino is wired right?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) April 5th, 2012

I love his movies. My s/o says he’s not wired right. What do you think?

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He is not crazy! You are crazy!

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I love his movies. He’s wired right to me.

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Yeah, everyone who doesn’t make shitty chick flicks or action movies isn’t wired right. Unless she’s speaking about him personally, to which I would reply that I haven’t heard of any scandals involving him. Ask her to elaborate.

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Wired to make good movies? Nope.

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wired to tap into new and different markets , yesl

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I’d have to go with “no”. I’m awfully glad he’s not, though, because his special brand of insanity results in some pretty great movies!

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He is a bit of an outlier, but that’s what makes him interesting.

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He’s just got a knack for superlatives

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Violence is one of the most fun things to watch.

Something stopped me in school a little bit. Anything that I’m not interested in, I can’t even feign interest.

Quentin Tarantino

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Not sure what “wired right” would mean, but I have heard people say that Quentin Tarantino is some kind of alternative to mainstream culture, which is just completely puzzling to me. I’m under the impression that he’s hyper-pop. He’s very mainstream, and very traditional. His movies reflect that. These are not “I saw that movie and can’t stop thinking about it” movies. He makes accessible movies containing rather pedestrian concepts. He just does it in a way that appeals to many people.

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I guess it depends upon a more precise definition of “not wired right”. If she means crazy or homicidal or something else pathological, then I certainly wouldn’t agree.

But if she means atypical or not average that’s a different issue. Many obsessive geniuses are definitely not average run of the mill folks and are misunderstood often.

But there are enough notable people in that category. Neither Bill Gates or Steve Jobs could be described as being typically wired like the rest of us when you look at the extraordinary amounts of time and energy which writing computer code occupied in their lives. And Tarantino’s obsessive attention to detail would rival that of Jobs himself but just in a different field.

I’ve been recently reading the recent biography of Jobs and in one part it describes how the production of the Apple store in NY was delayed because he wanted a particular shade of color of marble for the walls and flooring. And the only place it could be found was in one small area of Italy. Talk about attention to detail :)

Most people cant imagine themselves having that level of obsession. It’s definitely not average or normal (whatever that is)

And I think that anyone who departs that far from average tends to make people feel uncomfortable as they perceive “not normal” with being wrong (or not wired right).

Tarantino is definitely in the weird freaky genius category but I don’t see anything pathological in it. Yes, some of his movies are plenty gory and freakish but I can’t imagine him ever doing something like that himself. He’s got a good grasp of the difference between fantasy and reality.

I think he’s wired just right for making original one of a kind movies.


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Every genius should be tapped by a certain degree of madness, it’s what makes them so.

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If you can tell me what “right” is, then perhaps I will agree.

He is creative. He has ideas and carries them out. His ideas are not mine, but that doesn’t make him wrong and me right, or vice versa.

Is he really any different than Dante? Dumas? Shelley? even Puzo? I don’t think so.

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Great answer @Buttonstc. I agree with you.

@Adirondackwannabe Your s/o hasn’t been introduced to Eli Roth films, has she? ;)

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@jonsblond No, I don’t think I have either. I’ll check it out. Thanks

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@jonsblond Those are all projects I would like, just haven’t watched or I’ve started to and my s/o goes eww. Thanks for the tip.

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You love movies. That kinda makes you think differently about Tarantino compared to your gf who I assume does not love movies as much as you do? People who love the cinema tend to glorify Tarantino for the nature of his works. Most of his films come off as fresh in delivery, kinetic in execution and the dialogue always crackle. And of course, the insane stuff in it. I think Tarantino himself is wired right. Its some of his films that are not. But that’s why people watch.

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Is he wired right? Who can say?
I will say that his films are exactly the kind I like. His writting is terrific, his direction is flawless, and both his humor and suspense are terrific!
I am on vacation this week, and so far I have watched Death Proof, Inglourious Basterds, and Jackie Brown. Tarantino understands cinema.

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I’m a big fan too, love his work, even the stuff he did which is said to be less than stellar, when compared to some of his most classic works.

He’s also a big fan of Xena Warrior Princess. Just wanted to add that in there…

I’d say he’s wired though. If you watch interviews or bonus content on his work, you can tell that he does exactly what he wants. For example, the movie Deathproof. The big car chase scene at the end. He described that in car chases, too often you view the scene as an outsider. Eye bird view, from the side, whatever. He wanted the watcher to feel that they were IN the chase. So, he filmed a lot of it from inside the cars, close ups and weird angles and all. I think he succeeded greatly for that. The guy knows what he wants, and how to get it done.

He’s got his ups and his downs, but overall I love his stuff. One thing he succeeds in a lot is making you care about the characters, and making them interesting. I mean interesting. I really stick to every word they say, and they always have cool personalities. This is obviously intentional, and I don’t only see this because of the sometimes overacting that occurs in a lot of his stuff, especially the grindhouse flicks.
Inglorious Bastards probably has the most intense conversations I’ve ever seen in any movie. Whether they take themselves seriously or not, his characters are always so special.

Despite all this, and some of his stuff being banned in certain places, he does stick to the overall norm, compared to other stuff I’ve seen.
I’ve seen a lot of movies that borrow the styles and concepts that he uses, but fail miserably. A lot of his stuff is violent and goes for broke, but it’s always consistent and has a strong core. Good concepts, good ideas. And if he does make something just for shock value or over the top gore, like Hostel, he doesn’t pretend that it’s anything more than that. (although that’s more Eli Roth than Quentin Tarantino) And hell, that movie deserves more respect. It’s kind of a stupid idea, but again, kick ass characters. I actually want them to get away or fuck up the bad guys. I’m always rooting for killers and villains in movies. It’s pretty awesome that Tarantino can make me feel otherwise. Like Deathproof. Seeing that motherfucker at the end get his due was glorious. In many other cases, I’d just laugh my ass off at the killer pegging off peeps with his car.

He’s wired, because he knows what he’s doing, and his movies are fun, despite his ideas that many might, or do, find offensive or disturbing. He knows how to add his little touch in his work, instead of just making a movie for the sake of something trite. You wanna see non wired film makers, check out some of that Japanese slasher porn lol.

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I love the guy. I also love @Blackberry‘s answer.

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^ I recognize the quote!

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I don’t think he’s wired “wrong”, per se, but he definitely does some things differently, which is great for a filmmaker. I love most of his movies.

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