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What dish do you like that you know most of those around you would/do find nasty?

Asked by King_Pariah (11484points) April 5th, 2012


Raw beef (sashimi)
Blood blocks
Sheep’s blood broth

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Brussel sprouts

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Any food touching is pretty much nasty to me.

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Anything with bacon, liver, tripe and worst of all, american food, like deep fried butter.
These are things that I find unspeakably disgusting.

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@tranquilsea really? I never found what people find so nasty about them
@Charles I love that! Practically raised on it
@chyna * put’s finger in the mashed potatoes :P *
@ragingloli I’m with ya on the deep fried butter but the rest I enjoy, especially bacon and tripe

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Cottage cheese with black pepper and sunflower seeds.

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I buy a can of Spam every other year (on average).

Oh, and sliced bread fried in bacon grease, topped with salt and pepper. I think it’s 1930s Depression food, my dad taught me to like it. It’s really good but I eat it less often than Spam.

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There’s people who disregard the fish’s head, which is foolish because that is a fucking gold mine.

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Cottage cheese with pepper and sunflower seeds…

…will be my lunch tomorrow, thanks!

Never tried it with sunflower seeds, but I really like cottage cheese and pepper. And I have all three on hand.

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I do like fried blood sausage though, served with mashed potatoes. We call it “Tote Oma” (dead grandma)

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I love broccoli and cheese, and steamed brussel sprouts. I never add salt or pepper to any of my cooking, and rarely use spices. I prefer the natural taste of food.

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Pretty much all raw fish/seafood. Oysters, sushi, tartare…I love it all!

I also eat lemons by themselves, which makes almost everyone I know cringe.

And bleu cheese (along with many other stinky/weird cheeses)...I could put it on almost anything. I’m often surprised at how few like it!

Passover also happens to be filled with foods that most people find disgusting. I actually like gefilte fish and chopped liver, and love horseradish and plain matzo! I’m looking forward to some tomorrow night!

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@WillWorkForChocolate That sounds tasty
@Adirondackwannabe Reubens are damn good, never met anyone who disliked them
@jaytkay Spam is on it’s own level, I don’t touch the stuff but bread in bacon grease does sound nice
@ragingloli That is pretty good
@YARNLADY I love melted cheddar/pepperjack cheese on top of steamed broccoli
@Fly Approve 100% through and through

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burned toast
burned meat
curried green beans

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@jaytkay Bread in bacon grease actually sounds really good. Bacon grease adds a ton of flavor to anything. I start a lot of recipes by frying up a few strips of bacon and using the grease to cook the other ingredients.

Anything made from weird animal parts. Trotters, tripe, marrow… all are delicious. There’s an Afghani place near where I live that boils down cow hooves until everything except the bone breaks down into this soft, savory, goo. They spice it and serve it over rice, and it’s fantastic. I’ve also had boiled tendon at an awesome Vietnamese place… it comes as a little side dish that you can request with your soup. It’s savory and tender, a perfect match for all the fresh herbs they bring out.

It’s just crazy that head-to-tail preparation is so trendy now, and it’s appearing in a lot of expensive modern restaurants. It started with people not wanting to waste any part of the animal, because they couldn’t afford to throw anything out. I guess what’s old is new again.

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sweet breads (thymus glands}
raw oysters
steamed clams
sour kraut
chicken livers

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@jaytkay The sunflower seeds give it a wonderful, salty crunch. I mix up about 5 tablespoons of cottage cheese, 1½ tablespoons of sunflower seeds, and ⅓ teaspoon of pepper. Heaven in your mouth.

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@Sunny2 Sauerkraut is delicious!

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Stinky tofu (a Taiwan thing, and no, I am not Taiwanese), brussels sprouts, muscles, sushi, fish roe paste, ice cream sprinkles on top of bread and butter (apparently a Dutch thing, and no, I am not Dutch either), reindeer meat ( a Finnish thing, and yes, I am Finnish). Oh, and another Finnish thing: I like this black gooey stuff called Mämmi that is traditionally eaten around eastertime. It is made of water, rye flour, and powdered rye malt, seasoned with dark molasses, salt, and dried powdered Seville orange peel, and looks like this

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@WillWorkForChocolate Sunflower seeds with shells or just the nut inside or whatever it’s called?

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Just the seeds, no shells. I usually buy Planter’s sunflower kernels.

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@28lorelei That stuff sounds delicious. And the sprinkles on top of bread and butter. When I was younger, my roommate and I would eat cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on bread and butter. She called them ghetto donuts, but I said it was more like raw cinnamon toast.

The rye malt got me thinking about parts of the wine/beer making process. A lot of great wines, and a few beers, are made “on the lees.” Stirring the lees adds body and gives some wines a kind of creamy flavor. A lot of chardonnay is made this way, and so is pretty much all Champagne. Lees are dead yeast cells, which is actually pretty gross if you think about it. You’re welcome!

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Oh, and mao tai, the Chinese liquor that tastes like a barn smells.

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Brussel sprouts
Aubergine – my kids hate it.
Mushrooms – my kids hate them.

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@Sunny2 raw oysters Is there any other way to eat them?

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Well, if eggplant is one, which I would not have thought of until I saw @Bellatrix mention it, then I guess that would be one thing I love that many others don’t.

I also like broccoli, which I saw mentioned a couple of times.

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@Bellatrix I think @Adagio is being rhetorical.

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Revenge, regardless of the temperature at which it is served. ;-)

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I have to make them moussaka with potato @JLeslie. Which means I have to make two dishes when we have this for dinner.

Oh.. Yes.. I agree… She is. Sorry @Adagio and thanks @JLeslie. I can’t stand them raw…oysters… so for me .. there most definitely has to be another way to eat them.

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@Haleth it is traditionally eaten with cream and sugar, making it even better.
@Bellatrix Mushrooms are awesome!
And @Fly Blue cheese is the best!

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@Bellatrix I love moussaka, eggplant parmigian, and roasted eggplant on flat bread with zuchinni and some other veggies. Actually I like it in salads too with other marinated veggies. My husband will not try eggplant after a bad experience when he was a kid. He bit into a breaded eggplant stick thinking it was breaded something else, I don’t remember what, and the surprise taste and texture freaked him out forever.

I like boiled eggs, is that odd? I never eat them though. Almost never. Actually, to go along with what @Fly wrote, I used to love the boiled egg with salt water during passover. Although, the other foods she named for passover I don’t like.

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I will also keep my distance from this

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I like boiled eggs, but only if the yolk is still liquid. Best kind of eggs.

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@ragingloli Oh, yes! Soft boiled eggs are the best. I like mine with butter and crackers all mixed in.

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Gross, no. Mine must be hardboiled.

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That must be painful.
I would never do that to my eggs, if you know what I mean.

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@Adirondackwannabe A reuben is something those around you find nasty? I happen to not like it, because I don’t like any sort of schmear on a sandwich, but I think most people do.

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Thing is, the yolk loses all of its flavour if it is hard boiled and it gets a horrible texture. Has to be liquid, otherwise it is not worth it.

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@ragingloli I generally don’t like runny, saucey (see above I don’t like anything like mayo or dressing on a sandwich, nor cream dressings on salads or other rich heavy sauces) raw, or can cause food poisoning things. There are many many things I don’t like. If we had a question about foods we don’t like, which we have on fluther, my answer would be quite long.

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@JLeslie The hard boiled egg in salt water is one of my favorite parts! It’s weirdly delicious, but I won’t question it. That said, though, I do prefer my eggs runny, aside from hard boiled eggs.

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My wife is Chinese and she and her family and Asian friends love “aged fish”. It is the most revolting thing that I’ve seen people eat. It is basically rotten fish that is cooked. I try to tolerate the very strong stench as much as I can when people around me are eating it. It is very hard to fight the strong urge to vomit.

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and cheese is rotten milk

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Chocolate covered locusts

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I can not believe you like chocolate. (It probably is not even chocolate)

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Breakfast starts with scrambled eggs and squirrel brains.

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@Adagio I love fried oysters, oyster stew, oysters Rockefeller and oysters grilled with bacon etc. I think it’s the raw ones that upset people who haven’t learned to love them.

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I eat Grape Nuts with butter (softened, and mashed all into the hard nuggets).
I make something I call a ‘cheese salad’ which is just shredded cheese, raisins, sunflower kernels, and ranch dressing. If I have them, I’ll add chopped avocado and croutons, and sometimes a can of chicken meat (drained).
McDonald’s french fries dipped in a vanilla milkshake.
Eggs with runny yolks (except boiled eggs, I want those hard).
The blackened, charred bits of any food I already like.
All kinds of squash, including eggplant.
Fried oysters and clams.
One of my favorite dinners is kielbasa, caramelized onions, caramelized apples, shredded cheddar cheese, and sour cream, all on a potato roll.

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I love raw onion in sandwiches and rolls. Most people don’t like that.

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I agree with everyone who says the yolk of an egg must still be runny. I also love things like salami, black pudding, garlic sausage. The sort of things I wouldn’t dare put in a sandwich and take to work for lunch.

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@augustlan The grapenuts with butter sounds delicious. I used to eat Wheatina (a hot cereal) with a big pat of butter and some 2% milk, and extra salt. Now I eat it with just skim milk, no butter, still some salt added; it’s not the same.

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Whale omelette.
Does result in a dose of the runs though, “thar she blows!”

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I like Natto with raw egg on rice. There are so many flavors and textures to the meal -and it’s nutritious!

Warning! Do not heat it in the microwave. It will stink up the house.

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Did I mention that I am a fan of Icelandic/Norwegian style dried fish?

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I’m definitely with the raw oyster crowd. I like oysters just about anyway but I love them raw. I also love raw Littleneck Clams. They are just so tender. I like raw onions and I like my eggs sunny side up, very runny; I like the whites a little runny and mucus like too. Kind of gross, eh?

And I like eel, though I haven’t been able to have any in a very long time. When I was a kid we used to boat and fish for catfish and and my dad would set crab traps and the kids, my brother and I, would crab with a rotten chicken necks tied onto the end of a string and sometimes, often, pull up an eel. My dad would cut its head off and clean it by pulling it’s skin off with a pair of pliers, and then, later that night, my mom would cut the eels up into s bite size chunks, bread them, and saute them in beer and butter. They were just plain yummy! :-)

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