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What do you think of Google glasses?

Asked by ETpro (34581points) April 5th, 2012

Here’s the demo video. What’s your take? Love ‘em, not so sure, or pure, “No Way!”?

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cool idea, but the hud is way too intrusive.

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I was terribly worried that large companies might not monetize every moment of my day!

What a relief!!

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Nice next-step technology, though I would prefer a full-fledged neural interface.

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It freaks me out, honestly. I’m pretty sure I could not function while wearing those things. I’m overstimulated as it is, just with the real world around me!

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Annoying, distracting, intrusive – an ADDers delight!
Exactly 2 seconds after receiving a picture of a poster a user shared, I’d block the guy forever.
Doesn’t anyone have work they are supposed to be doin…. Oh look! A squirrel! A Northern Gray Squirrel. “Where can I buy nuts to feed a squirrel?” ....

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As one comedian said – why don’t you just strap two iPhones to your face?


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I expected more overlays, really.
I am not particularly keen on the idea of being so easily trackable, though.

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You just know they’ll also keep track of where you’re looking. “Wow! Nice set of melons.”
Can’t wait for it to show up in court: “He spent all day looking a breasts. He glanced at 237 women while commuting to work last week. I want a divorce – and the ukelele.”

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Was this part of their April 1st release?

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Duke Nukem Forever makes love to Reality.

My phone is really big, mostly battery. Batteries are heavy. I wear glasses and a few extra ounces will fuck me up. This is like the Courier. Get back to me when they can ship this.

Your kids will enjoy it.

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I would not want them. I wouldn’t like having words in my eyes constantly, and I don’t like that they would be putting ads in on top of everything else.

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Admittedly, I’m a Google fanboy, but even I am not even giving in to the hype. I think what we are seeing is real early prototype stuff that will find its way to practical, limited uses in 5 years or so (law enforcement, security, museum tours, city tours, etc).

But is it revolutionary? Most of this functionality is already available in your Android phone, so this is really just display technology.

Oh, and in a few years, I’m sure Apple will release their own. It will be significantly “cooler”, very slick, but contain 10% of the functionality.

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Probably inevitable until the implants.

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Maybe I’m getting old (lol), but there’s a point where things like this aren’t useful unless it’s already an established part of society. If you’re the 1 out of 10 people that actually use this, you’re only going to look like an asshole to everyone else. Plus, there’s no reason to use a device to give you directions in a store, that’s what the employees (and signs) are for…..

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This has been a trope in science fiction for decades, of course. It’ll come of age along with shirts that contain our computers in the cloth and other such advances. The battery will not be in the glasses, I’ll bet. There’ll be a connector to a power pack that you keep in your pocket, or something.

In any case, I would love it. A real vocal interface that works would be wonderful. I’d love to be able to answer my phone by talking to it, and I’d love to be able to tell it to do things. In fact, I don’t understand why that stuff isn’t working already. Maybe my phone is too old.

In any case, I’d love to be able to keep my eyes on the road while interacting with my phone. I’d like to get music playing and navigation going and answer the phone and be able to text messages all without taking my eyes off the road. I wonder if I would be tempted to do research at the same time, too? It’s interesting that they show it in a walkable, subwayable city, and not with a driver. They don’t want to get into more trouble with state legislatures, do they?

Anyway, this is a pretty old idea, to me. I suspect this is just the beginning of a marketing campaign to introduce the idea to people who don’t read science fiction.

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That would drive me nuts. Regular old sunglasses give me a headache as it is. Can you imagine people wearing these while driving? CRASH

No thanks.

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Um… are we not winning the war with Eurasia? Is that why my choco ration went down again?

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Shut up and take my money!

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Theu could/should have named it, rather then doing so with their smartphone app, Google Goggles.

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<facetiousness on>Cool, it would dramatically cut down on the amount of human interaction I had to deal with in a day while, at the same time, increasing my chances of walking into poles, cars and all those pesky people. </facetiousness off>

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it’s easy to make a concept video. When these things are actually released, they will be so overrun with advertising that they will be effectively useless.

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Don’t computer nerds look awesome when they’re cross-eyed?

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Awesome, clearly. And Strand Books is even awesomer.

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@tranquilsea Chronic texters can now get an app that shows what your camera is seeing as a background so that you can avoid walking into stuff while your eyes are glued to your screen. The fact that such an app exists should tell you something.

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Oh lord. Cell phones are bad enough. We have way too many forms of communication already. Do we really need Google glasses? How exactly would you wear these while driving? I hope people have enough common sense NOT to. Plus, they don’t look too attractive. I can just imagine the lawsuits that would stem from such a gadget. Watch me walk straight into oncoming traffic because I was too busy chatting with my friend on these AND using my cell phone at the same time. I’d be more interested in seeing how much these things cost.

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@ragingloli That Heads Up Display is the first potential negative I saw. The video doesn’t make it clear how you control it. I certainly wouldn’t want it popping on and off all of its own accord.

@jaytkay Ha! That thought went through my mind as well. Plus (For your won good and nothing else, of course) they will provide said large company with a detailed record of your every move.

@jerv You’re ready to jack in?

@augustlan I can certainly understand that concern.

@LuckyGuy Amen to that. That’s why I’ve avoided Twitter. TMI.

@Keep_on_running I’m sure Google would prefer you make those phones Android based.

@Nullo The privacy issues would worry me too.

@LuckyGuy Ha. Ain’t it the truth.

@Jeruba It doesn’t look like it.

@tosser I hear you. Google’s had their share of projects that suddenly went the way of the passenger pigeon.

@jca I bet they will post ads based on your buying history, what you are walking past, and special offers. Every noe and then, it might offer a welcome saving on something you honestly need. But I’m guessing the annoyance factor would outweigh the benefits.

@tom_g That’;s pretty much how it goes.

@marinelife Why not just port our memories and personality into a robot?

@Blackberry Having to look like you are muttering to yourself would bother me.

@wundayatta I wonder how distracting it would be if you were driving. Pretty much so, it would seem to me. But I’m with you on the coolness of the feature set.

@cprevite I am sure there will be testing of the distraction factor, and limitations to deal with that. Of course, there are limits on texting while driving, but people still do it.

@Trillian A heads up display for instructions on recipies to prepare MREs. We’ll whip those darned Eurasians once we have that terror tamed. :-)

@Michael_Huntington I think there will ba a lot of us that come at it just like that. :-)

@rebbel I love it. It’s not too late to throw in a suggestion.

@gorillapaws Ha! Distracted? No, officer—I’m actually just stinking drunk. :-)

@tranquilsea Modern life, hey? :-)

@cwilbur Advertising will be a serious concern. If there’s too much, that’s a deal breaker for me. But you know it’s going to be there.

@ucme I wouldn’t know. I’m too cross eyed to be able to see if they are.

@6rant6 The product does have it’s appeal.

@jerv You’re serious, aren’t you?

@AshlynM I haven’t hears anything about cost yet. My impression is this is early concept work. Final cost will have a lot to do with how much advertising they can roll on them without turning users off.

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@ETpro No, and yes. I am not an early adopter; I admire shiny objects, but don’t like owning betaware, and that app actually exists.

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@jerv Understood.

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@jerv I’m surprised that none of them ever learned to use their peripheral vision. I’ve been walking and reading since grade school, never had a problem.

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au contraire. you have been run over and killed by a truck and have been in limbo ever since.

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@Nullo I guess the stuff you read is less interesting than texting :D

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@jerv Discworld?

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@Nullo Speaking of being distracted by our technology and texting, take a look at this. There’s been a 400 pound black bear roving the streets of La Cresenta and La Canada California. The Glendale communities are sandwiched between mountain ranges of the Angel’s Crest Mountains. The bear had wandered in days ago, and was feasting on meatballs and other treats he was able to find. This morning, a news helicopter spotted him trundling through a housing area. The noise of the helicopter hovering brought out a homeowner, who was texting his boss saying that something was amiss in the neighborhood—the helicopter was overhead—and he’d be late for work. As he was texting, he darned near walked into the bear. The question is how would this have gone down if he;d been wearing Google glasses with a heads up display filled with icons.

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My Dog. This is getting ridiculous.

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@ETpro I’m sure that Google is already working on bear tracking. Look for the icon near you soon!

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@6rant6 To grab an Apple term, there’s an app for that.

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The glasses give people a very scary intrusive tool and there is not a damn thing that can stop it. So, the technophile in me will embrace them while the very private, reclusive me will abhor the fact that our privacy, my privacy becomes increasingly non-existent. I give up.

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As a longtime player of Shadowrun, I cannot help but think of Commlinks from the latest version; little things not unlike a smartphone that function as a communications device, personal computer, identification, wallet (including medical records), and router (because Matrix 2.0 is a distributed wireless mesh network without centralized servers like our current Internet; a change made after the Internet was largely destroyed by a virus in 2029, and Matrix 1.0 was mortally crippled by terrorist action in 2064).

Some people actually get theirs surgically implanted, though many prefer external units so as not to be confused with Technomancers (who are seen as inhuman freaks, and thus feared and misunderstood, due to their ability to “jack in” without a commlink). Everybody who doesn’t use an implanted commlink is generally getting an AR (Augmented Reality) overlay through glasses, goggles, contacts, or Retinal Display; just about everyone in the industrialized world is using the equivalent of Google goggles almost every waking moment.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I know the feeling all too well. Having an online business as a Web developer, I have long since given up any shred of hope of maintaining privacy.

@jerv The only part of that I doubt is the timeline. It won’t take that long. :-)

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@ETpro The difference being that we are more likely to see the Internet die due to Congressional action in 2012…

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