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Have you used Moodle?

Asked by anam (147points) April 6th, 2012

I just started teaching and I was wondering if using Moodle to upload files, etc., would be a good idea (you know, instead of emailing all stuff to students). Have you used it? Do you find it too complicated, or do you like it?

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I haven’t, but there are a lot of options in the LMS space.

I’ve heard good things about Canvas:
(scroll to the bottom for free account link)

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I use Blackboard all the time and I use it rather than email to share learning materials regularly. The students can access them from any computer. I know they all have access and the files haven’t gone astray. You can upload bigger files (at my institution) and store them in the content collection. There are so many other benefits other than uploading content too though.

Is there no training on how to use your LMS at your organisation? It would be a worthwhile investment in time if there is.

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I have used it (but not set it up myself). Maybe it was the implementation, but it was really difficult to use. It made you go around in circles to get the simplest things done.

Maybe it has improved, or maybe it was the implementation. But there have to be better packages out there.

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Having used it both for teaching and for studenting, I advise strongly against it.

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I used it in middle school. I hated it.

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I went on one training course for it at work but never really used it after that. The training course didn’t shed much light on how to use it and I came away thinking it was complicated. I am sure with regular use it would be a good teaching tool though.

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Hey, just came by to say thanks to all of you. If it hadn’t been for your feedback, I would have probably gone with Moodle, simply because it’s all I knew. I also checked out @phaedryx and @Bellatrix‘s suggestions and ended up deciding on Canvas. After a week, I am super happy. So, thank you!

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