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When will my baby be born!

Asked by pkuttner (150points) April 6th, 2012

My due date was Thursday 4/5. I had an appt. with my midwife and she said that I am 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and the baby is at -1. I have some contractions when I change positions or exert myself. Other than that I don’t have signs of prelabor. I have not lost my mucus plug. Anyone have these symptoms, but go on to have a baby before 41 weeks? Just getting restless.

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My daughter was a week early and my water broke and then my labor was induced after 12 hours as nothing was happening. So no, but…your baby will be here soon, just be patient. You can try walking some, but really, mother nature plays out differently for every woman. First babies usually have longer labors and sometimes you can be dilated a few centimeters for days before real labor actually begins.

You may not even notice the mucus plug, not everyone does.Relax, get your last minute final touches on things, the babies room, bag packed for the hospital, do your nails, wash your hair, keep your mind occupied and before you know it, it will be time! Good luck, this is EXCITING, be excited not stressed.

It’s outta your hands mama. :-)

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First baby? It could be a while. I was 2 cm dilated from 34 weeks onwards..and still went on to be over 42 weeks before being induced. With a first baby they’ll let you go very late.

I remember walking for miles and miles trying to get labor to start and stay going..
I’ll give you the advice that I took:

1. Go get a haircut, pedicure or any other beauty procedure you can afford but can’t do with a newborn. It’ll be weeks before you can do anything for you after you have your baby – now’s the time for a little pampering.

2. Go see some movies. Sitting in a movie theater is one of the few things a heavily pregnant woman (and her date) can do comfortably..and again, it’ll be a while before you can see movies again in the theater.

3. Any desire to cook? Cook and freeze a bunch of meals, go buy lots of things you’ll want to eat when you’re home with a newborn.

4. See friends, go out – read a book…do a bunch of things for YOU..because now is the time. Now is a good time to eat out and nap.

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Look forward to that steak and champagne dinner in the hospital when it’s all over. lol :-)

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My wifes doctor has told me her doctor will not let her go over the due date. You can ask to be induced I believe?

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Hey @tom_g great answer from a guy. (My guy tries to control everything, including what time I was to give birth.) I
nduction for no very good reason is usually not a good idea.
@geeky_mama and @Coloma have some great suggestions. Do those things, do them now.

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Thanks @wilma. I actually edited and flagged my comment because it felt a bit preachy or something. But yes, I’m deep into birth culture: we have 3 kids (2 were home births), my wife is a lactation consultant and a birth doula, and breastfeeding volunteer. We are connected with midwives and have done way too much research on birth. I won’t even get started with what’s wrong with the way the U.S. handles childbirth in this country – except to say that it is completely screwed up and completely anti-woman…..heck, and I thought my original answer was preachy. sorry. @pkuttner, take @geeky_mama‘s advice, and also trust your body. It’s pretty amazing.

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With my firstborn, I had mild labor for 10 hours, then a sprint to the hospital and a baby one hour later. Water never broke, no plugs, just mild discomfort, heavy labor and then kapow…(Just enough time for the horrors of the enema and the shaving rituals of the dark ages.)

@whitecarnations: You cannot ask to be induced for your convenience. Millions of women deliver after the due date, which is only a guess and by golly.

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I waited 3 days at the hospital.

Have patience. My wife took forever.

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