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Do I deserve to be?

Asked by Blondesjon (33974points) April 6th, 2012

Is that the question?

And if so, who answers? Who answers?

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You’re still alive.

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Go ask your kids

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You were born, to begin with.
And you are a father, and a husband, and, I assume, a friend.

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You are!
Is that the answer.
Who’s asking?

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Deserve to be what? IMHO all mankind deserves to be. It’s what you make of your being that will have importance to your life. Ask yourself then answer.

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I am.

Are you?

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Is it nobler in your mind to suffer the attacks of outrageous fortune or to defend yourself against a sea of trouble?

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The concept of “deserve” or not is a purely human construct and does not exist in nature.

The simple fact that you are a living, breathing being is proof that the answer must be YES.

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Hard to know if you deserve 2B. 41 who is 2, I I say G, RUNS? Just B.

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Yes, yes, yes!

I have faced this exact question, too. The answer I have come up with over the years has to do with the following:

Stand in a meadow or the woods and breathe the scents.

Roll in the grass.

Taste a strawberry fresh from a garden.

Watch a sunset with a child.

Laugh at a Monty Python movie.

Cry watching the movie The Notebook.

Write a poem and hide it in your wife’s dresser.

We all deserve to be for no reason other than we are the way the universe knows itself.

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Yes, be virtue of your being, you deserve to be. I answer.

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Not unless you have a three figure least that is Neal Boortz sentiment.NOT MINE

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You decide yourself, and if anyone tries to take that right…...don’t worry, the police will be there to help, lol.

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Yes. My favorite saying… ” We don’t have a life, we are life!” Now if you’re a serial killer or other deviate of nature maybe you should just return to nature, as in thrown to the lions. lol

Are you contemplating something dreadful? I hope not.

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No. It’s an irrelevant question. Deserving has nothing to do with it. Deserving is a human concept and it is a way for humans to judge each other and it is inherently destructive. It’s sole purpose is to coopt people into conforming to group norms.

To deserve to be is beyond human. Humans have no power to decide who comes into existence. We do have the power to create a person, but all that takes is fucking. Unless you’re infertile, in which case it takes technological assistance, too. But who gets created—that’s beyond us at the moment. We can only choose which genes shall be joined. Deserving has nothing to do with it. That each of exists is an accident—a happenstance. All we can do is take advantage of our incredible luck… or not.

When I am depressed, I think I don’t deserve to be. What that is about is my feeling that no one really wants me. So I interpret that as not deserving to be. I’m useless. Worthless. Undeserving. No one will notice if I’m gone and if that’s the case, I might as well kill myself and no one will ever have to think about me again.

What I’m feeling is completely disconnected and the only thing that has a possibility of connecting me is if someone were to love me. At this point it starts to get kind of deep and intense and sexual and I don’t want to really try to explain all that.

But deserving in the existential sense is a useless way to think about it. If you are positive, you have no problem with the question and you don’t even ask it. If you are depressed, you ask it, and the answer is always negative, which isn’t helpful.

I am. That’s it. I’m lucky that I am. If I think I am undeserving, that means I am getting depressed and I better try to head that off right quick, or I may soon be no longer able to say “I am.”

And fuck everyone who ever judges anyone else’s life. They’re all murderers! Soul murderers.

All you need is love. Never were truer words sung.

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Yes! Without question. I say so. I haven’t met you. I only know you exist and care and that’s enough for me.

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Addendum to my above comment; it was not intended as commentary of any one jelly in particular, I just was hoping to see someone else catch on.

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It depends on your perspective I guess. I feel the life I have is way more than I deserve. Life itself is an undeserved gift and really fragile. ( Not to be taken for granted.)

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You have as much right to be here as do the stars and galaxies, but do you deserve to be here? No. Life is a gift, not an entitlement.

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The question is irrelevant. You are a result of pure chance. Your job is to take advantage of that chance and be as good as you can. You neither deserve to be nor are you required to answer to anyone for your existence.

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You have to answer that question by your actions in life. Do you make a difference in others life? If you were gone would your absence by missed? Yeah, you deserve to be.

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Just as much as anyone.

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Who decides that? God, people? Fuck it. Just be, man.

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Well, sure. ;)

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It isn’t a question of deserving. You are here. There is a reason.

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/facepalmcity. wow, man, that was impressive.

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Everyone deserves to be

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No one deserves to be, nor does anyone deserve not to be.

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No because you spelled existence wrong….

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Sorry folks, I can’t remember anything to this very day. ‘Cept the look, the look…
Oh, you know where, now I can’t see, I just stare…

i am still alive

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No bloody clue, yes you don’t.

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