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Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work? Can I Quit my Day JOb?

Asked by jkwells1 (18points) May 26th, 2008

Anybody have much luck in this realm? From what I have seen money is being made by folks that are selling others on how to make money online. Any feedback would be great. Thanks

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Whatever you do, don’t quit your day job!!!

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I got canned on Tuesday, so its not an option, its okay as I was burned out. I was working at a hospital, that did not think IT should be a priority and never even had a budget set aside for its IT Dept. Sad part is that this is a healthcare facility! Oh well, i will rebound, as this is now my 3rd time on unemployment. Thanks for the advice.

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It is possible to make good money, but it takes a lot of work. Is there any particular niche you have an interest or expertise in?

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Computing as in personal, I have in the past done one on one consulting/training. I just need to find a way to translate that to the online realm. Thanks.

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