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Business wise what type of model do churches and temples use?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) April 6th, 2012

For instance, are they vertically integrated, pyramid style, horizontally integrated and etc?

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Well, they’re 501(3)(C) corporations, so they’re not-for-profit organizations. Our temple uses what has been called the “Member Motivator” model: the organization provides activities that the members have a special interest in, and in return the members finance the organization through donations and/or membership dues. Quite simple, really.

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I’m going to go with both vertical and horizontal integration. Horizontally, they provide a very wide range of services. Vertically, at least in the Catholic church, it’s all controlled from the top.

Of course, there are many competitors, and just as there are many different kinds of business providing similar or related products, there are equally as many organizational structures for religious organizations. There are single churches that only provide pastoral services. There are megachurches that provide a wide range of services from education to pastoral care to food to child care. There are churches serving 20 that are standalone. There are churches serving 20 that are affiliates of a larger religion. There are franchise style churches. It runs the gamut, I’m afraid. There’s no one size fits all.

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I never considered that churches and temples would operate on a “business model” I thought it was more of an implied agreement between the pastor and the membership. It would be something like I’m going to bullshit you and you’ll give me money. If you give me enough money, I build you a bullshit bridge to heaven.

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Ponzi system?

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Sorry @ragingloli, it’s not a Ponzi or a pyramid, because there is no cash back to the original contributors.

They operate as a club, with each person contributing, and no payout to members.

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