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Asked by DeezerQueue (2022points) May 26th, 2008

I’m always fearful that the question has been asked before because I rarely go through the full search results returned, so apologize if it’s been asked before

Has anyone ever been reeled in by spam? They look so ridiculous, “Hear her screaming your name in passion!” Or, “More inches mean longer love.” Or the ones that claim that you can get rich by working at home. Or the Nigerian who has come into wealth through inheritance but needs you to help him get his hands on the money. Anyone at all?

Feel free to share the most ridiculous spam subjects you get, as well.

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Yea, those little trips people get conned into going to California to learn how to make money, yet it costs 1700$ per class. There are a total of about 15 classes.

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If spam did not work, it spammers would not keep doing it sadly.

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My aunt and uncle got tricked into it, they lost about 6000$ and all they learned was to spend your money wisely.

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I get them pretty often.

The one about the inheritance cracks me up. It says something like; A long lost relative of mine died and I inherited a huge amount of money and they want to help me get my money. All I would need to do it email them my account number, my name and SS# so they can wire the money to me ASAP.

Yeah right. I really feel sorry for people who fall for that kind of crap.

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