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What are you doing for this Spring break/holiday weekend?

Asked by jca (36002points) April 7th, 2012

What are you doing for this holiday/spring break weekend?

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We have a three-day weekend. Yesterday, we just rested from the tough week that preceded it. Today, we are thinking of going on a picnic. Tomorrow is wide open.

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Hoping to bring an Easter basket to my girlfriend who was in the accident with me. She got out of the hospital yesterday! She is finally home after over two weeks in there.

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Took a spontaneous road trip with my daughter!! I’m in the beautiful state of Colorado! So far, we’ve seen a lot of feedlots and manure factories and she saw her first tumbleweeds. People have been really friendly!

We’ll finish the last leg of driving today and see more of the state. Excited!

The Easter Bunny, ehh…. no worries, he will treat her when we get back home.

hope you’re okay @JLeslie!!!

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Enjoying the peace and quiet of the city while the college sudents are away on spring break.:-}

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I’m going to get the bike out and take my dog for a run.

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Big Italian Easter feast on Sunday with my in-laws and aunts.

Yesterday and today was spent preparing for it. I just picked up my half baby lamb from the butcher (gonna marinate and grill it).


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Sleeping, video games, reading, and a light jog.

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Catching up on sleep! I had out of town guests all week, and wound up seriously sleep deprived. I’m also hoping to get out for a couple hours hydrotherapy (dry sauna, steam, cold and hot pools). Maybe some hiking tomorrow. I love the weekend!

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I will continue to work on final papers and the such…my oldest is also home from school so he’ll be with me a lot, at my grad school.

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Get tons of sleep, read a few books, go for long walks and do a green detox cleanse.

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I’m having a yard sale for my son’s Mother In Law. Hubby, Grandson and I put all the stuff out at 8 am, and she drove up around 9.

It’s 4 pm now, and we have sat out here all day. So far, we have made about $40, and the ad cost me $25. There will be more of the same tomorrow.

I am supposed to call Goodwill to come and pick up the left overs on Monday, but now she’s talking about packing it all up and having a sale at her house later this month. UGH!

None of the rest of the family members want to help, and she’s only got about $100 worth of stuff anyway, but she thinks it’s worth twice that.

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Turns out my sister is visiting. Also, my wife and daughter are home from their vacation. Also, I will be sending the kids off on their easter egg hunt with my trumpet for the umpteenth year in a row.

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Not much. Sleeping in and fucking around. Was invited to an Easter breakfast by my friend. Her family’s going to some restaurant tomorrow morning, and I’m going along. meaning I have to get up way early haha Looking forward to it though, they’re always inviting me on holidays to go do things. Plus, free breakfast! ^^

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Four days off work but recuperating from a minor accident on Thursday, so not doing anything special.

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