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Have you ever lost an article of clothing?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30548points) April 7th, 2012

I’ve lost a sweater, and I can’t imagine how.

Yes, we sometimes wear sweaters in Hawaii. When the temperature dips down into the 60s, we consider that chilly. The real sign that a Hawaiian is cold is if he’s wearing socks.

Have you ever lost an article of clothing?

I’m not talking about the dryer eating socks either. I’m talking about a major piece of clothing.

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I’ve lost jackets before. I took them off and forgot and just left them somewhere.

I’ve lost many gloves too.

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Yes! I recently went looking for one of my favorite shirts and I can’t find it anywhere! I haven’t a clue where it could have gotten to. Extremely frustrating, isn’t it?

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@Fly : It’s frustrating and bewildering.

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Yes. I blame my “kids”.

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None that were of importance.

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Haha..this is so perfect for me right now. I have lost my favorite lavender bra, AND, a set of new sheets for my bed recently! I have looked high and low, turned things upside down, behind the washer & dryer, no bra, inside all the other laundry, no bra, behind the dresser in my closet, no bra. WTF!!! Where is it!

The sheet set is even more bizarre, how the hell does one lose a set of sheets? I’m starting to wonder if I have some pervert that’s been sneaking into my house and is now sleeping on my sheets with my bra over his head somewhere. lol

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@Coloma : Ha! That pervert probably has good taste though.

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@Hawaii_Jake Yeah, lavender and lace and egyptian cotton…knock yourself out! lol

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Are we talking about a poker game or…?

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@digitalimpression Well one things for sure, coming face to face with that bear in your avatar would certainly end up in losing ones life. lol

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@digitalimpression : I’d lose quickly at strip poker. I don’t have a good poker face, and I wear few clothes. ;-)

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Wearing socks in Hawaii?

Now, that’s funny.

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I have lost many articles of clothing, but it has always been intentional.

As a side note @Hawaii_Jake, the best new york strip steak I’ve ever had was in Hawaii at “Duke’s Canoe Club”. I’ve never been able to reconcile that in my mind. It seems like an unlikely place for it.

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Hmmm..there’s a bloodhound up for adoption at my local shelter, maybe a sheet and bra sniffing dog would help find my lost items.

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@digitalimpression : The largest privately owned ranch in the US is on the Big Island of Hawaii, Parker Ranch. What you ate was probably beef grown right here in the islands and grass fed not fattened in a feed lot.

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A bra at a Rolling Stones concert. No wait, you didn’t mean like that…

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@chyna : I bet the band was looking for more than just the bra…

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I lost so many when I was a kid, that at camp I was the only kid who never won the “lost nothing for a week” award.

This has continued throughout my life. It got to a point I would almost check in any lost and found of a restaurant I revisited just in case . . .

I’ve lost
1) hats, 2) scarves, 3) gloves, 4) sunglasses, 5) jewelry, 6) jackets/sweaters/vests, 7) coats

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I have lost a few. I remember in Montessori School I had a favorite red hat and I lost it. It was very upsetting. Santa or my mom brought me a new one that Christmas.

About 7 years ago I was traveling from New Orleans and I must have left my denim jacket in the airport, because when I got home it was nowhere to be found.

I usually keep pretty good track of my stuff. I was an only child and I’m really into my stuff, so I try to keep it nice and I try not to lose it.

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I lost two duffel coats at school. My own and my brothers. Each duffel coat looked identical with all others and I left them both on different days in the large school cloakroom. I think I must have worn my coat to school on a wet cold morning and returned home in the afternoon without it. I must have done this twice, the second time wearing my brother’s coat by mistake.

I thought I was in serious trouble but as the cloakroom was full of duffel coats I just picked one more or less at random and took it home for my brother. The next day I did the same for mine and no one ever knew.

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I’ve lost jackets, shirts, jeans, and panties.

…don’t ask wear I’ve lost panties.

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@blueberry_kid: I lost a thong in a hotel room once. Thong went to the floor, next to the bed, blankets and sheets went on top. Next day, take shower, put on new clothes, pack up and leave. Forgot the thong!

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I bought a new rain poncho to take with me on a trip to Alaska. I thought it was wonderful. I left it sitting on a boulder next to a river. I can’t even remember what color it was that I liked so much, but I still get a twinge of sadness when I think of it. Isn’t that pathetic?

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It seems as though most of my favorite articles of clothing come up missing sooner or later.

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Surprisingly, in all my life, I have never lost an article of clothing other than socks, hats, mittens or headbands.

Surprisingly, in all my life, I do not remember ever losing an article of clothing other than socks, hats, mittens or headbands.

One of those statements definitely keeps my nose shorter than Pinocchio’s. The other may only possibly keep my nose shorter.

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Article? I’ve probably lost an entire wardrobe!

I think it’s gotten better since I started driving more. Public transit likes to eat hoodies and umbrellas.

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I lost a very attractive light-blue dress shirt with dark-blue, vertical stripes.
Perhaps my brother stole it, or I might have left it in Saratoga Springs, NY in January, 1985. :-/

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@Brian1946 Haha, that shirt is now 27 years lost and you remember the date? lolol
Do you hold yearly anniversary vigils too?

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I wore it when I was at my parents house in Saratoga to spend Xmas 1984 with them, my ex-wife, niece, aunt, and cousins, so it was a special, kinda white occasion for me.

I remember looking for and not finding it after that, but I can only guess that was in 1985.

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Lost? No.

I found a bra in a freezer once. the bra wasn’t mine

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Usually when I ‘lose’ something like that, it’s because I gave or threw it away, and then forgot doing so. I did have a favorite sweater that I lost, which later turned up in a closet I don’t usually put stuff in… maybe it was exploring?

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@jonsblond You found a bra in the frizzer!

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@jonsblond: My nips are getting hard just thinking about it.

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I lost my favourite leather jacket in a pub. I think someone stole it.

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I’ve only lost clothing when girlfriends or family members decided they liked something and never gave it back after borrowing. My dad actually gave away a nice vest of mine once to a friend of his that couldn’t stop admiring it. Thanks, dad.

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We have a lot of closet space. Things get moved around when seasons change here in New York. Eventually clothing gets misplaced and turns up when we don’t need it. LOL.

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