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Grand Theft Auto Philadelphia?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) May 26th, 2008

Sounds like a good title/location to me for the next installment. What do you think?

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How about Africa?

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Sound awesome, but what exactly is in Philly? LOL, I think it’s rad.

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ghettos, gangs, gunfights.

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Ooh, sounds good. Sorry, I’m just not the smartest about Philly. That’s the best idea yet, they need all that in the game!

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How about Camden?

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GTA – South Phila. (Probably not GTA-Chestnut Hill, Main Line, or Rittenhouse Sq.)

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You get to run around stealing cheese steaks, and the bigger your mullet, the more respect you get.

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Yeah because that’s all Philly has, just cheese steaks, it’s not like it was the birth place of independence or anything.

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gta5 the streets of Omaha Nebraska!

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More like “the STREET of Omaha, Nebraska”

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GTA Philly would be awesome, I would definetly buy it.

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I’d love it but I’m scared I’d kill my family.

Of course it wouldn’t be called Philadelphia, they model fake cities after real ones, but it would still be sweet. Driving around the colonial parts of the city would be sweet too.

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heck yes camden was the most dangerous city in america a while back and i live like 5 mins away so i could go see my house!...maybe…..

but philly would be awsome too.

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That would be so much fun!

(...Considering I live in Philadelphia…)

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No, really, I would like that…

I wouldn’t be offended at all…

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Id Def By it!

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