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Has anyone found the Golden Easter Egg? Where have you looked?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) April 8th, 2012

The Easter egg hunt is on and the world is looking for the Golden Egg. The lucky finder will receive all of his wishes for the rest of this year.

Question: have you been looking for the egg? If so, where have you looked? I have looked in all my gun cases, but no egg.

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I laid the golden egg. I’m not only a fluffy chicken. I’m also magic.

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I’m glad you reminded me about the golden egg. I am going to look today. I am going to look in the piles of paper I need to sort through in my home office. If it is not there I am going to have my husband drive us out to a house we are curious about that is for sale and see if it is there. The egg will get me into gear this Easter day. Thanks John :)

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If ever tempted to search for the golden egg, the best bet is to call on fellow Jelly Coloma. She’s got a goose who’s smitten with a sheep (think Golden Fleece) that live near a gold mine. It sounds like a 24-karat opportunity in the making.

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It’s in my barn, under the goose that laid it! @Pied_Pfeffer Wins! ;-)
Happy Easter gang, look at my little ducklings, are they too cute or what? :-D

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Buddhas bald head/bell-end?

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Eh, the hell with that egg. As Garfield says, the fountain of youth may not exist, but coffee is the next best thing!


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also I found it in the pawnshop, but I couldn’t afford it

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