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What is or has been the happiest age of your life, so far?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) April 8th, 2012

There has been a national study asking people what is or has been the happiest age of their life. They have their study results, so…....
Question: what is or has been the happiest age of your life, so far?
The national study happiest age was 33. Lets see how we compare.

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Mine had to be the age of 39. New house, new car and new baby all in one year.

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Mine was probably any time before the 3rd grade. About when I turned 7 or 8 I discovered boys and then realized how much they can hurt a girl if we’re not careful. After that, it’s been up and down. But definitely my younger years were happier times. But I’m pretty contempt with life at the moment, too.

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Today, or more specifically, this minute.

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Late 30’s. I had the moon on a string…

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It’s hard to say. If I had to I’d go with 25. Married my best friend, bought a house, remodeled said house, spent almost a month in Italy.

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I just slipped in to my forties and I’m finding that I enjoy them quite a bit.

7–12 was a pretty great time, as well.

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18–21. Those were good times.

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1980–1988 – high school and college. Where is a flux-capacitor equipped De Lorean when you need one?

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Good times are forever. Keep them safe in your heart.

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I’d have to say right now is the happiest period of my life. I’m married to a loving, affectionate, intelligent, compassionate woman; my children are all grown and relatively successful; my grandchildren are all healthy; I make enough money that my wife and I don’t lack for anything; I own a new beast of a pickup truck; both the cancer and the diabetes besetting me seem to be under control; and God loves me. : ))

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@CaptainHarley: I am besotted with men who use “besetting.”

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Most of my teen years. Some of it was rocky, but I find that overall, my best memories are there. Some of my early twenties were pretty cool too. Everything else sucks. :D

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My 40’s, hands down. Got a divorce, changed jobs, moved to a new home, totally and completely reclaimed my life, my passions, my joy. The decade of my 40’s was my rebirth into a new and better age. I am now 52 and I think my 40’s were a time of change and transition but my 50’s are unfolding rather uneventfully, which is fine with me, I’m all about easy.

This is life, periods of calm and stability followed by periods of change and transition. The cycles of life. Shift happens. ;-)

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Around 28 to 32, so I’ll say 30. I was old enough to have gathered a bit more confidence and self esteem due to life experience, which I didn’t quite have at earlier ages. At the same time I was considered young and I still looked like I was a teen ager. I don’t think that I will be as optimistic about my 40th birthday as I was about my 30th. I still look very young for my age though.

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