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What would you have done if you saw a fast-food outlet worker flush the toilet after using it then went back to work without washing his hands?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26853points) April 8th, 2012

It just happened to me last night. Just had a real nice juicy burger then went to the bathroom to wash my hands. Thanks.

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I would have found the manager and told them what I saw.

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I saw that happen at the Jerry’s Famous Deli in Studio City, CA. I reported him to the manager.

I think Kelsey Grammer and some others got food poisoning when they had Thanksgiving dinner there, at about the same time.

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Definately find the manager. That’s public health menace.

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I’d find their boss, and tell them about it.
What did you do?

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I would say something to the manager.

Same thing when I see them sneezing or coughing on their hands and they preparing or serving food.

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I would report them, no one wants to get listeria or ecoli or any other deadly bacterial disease. I would then walk out of the restaurant and never do business there again.

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Although, so many bathrooms you have to touch the handle to get out it almost doesn’t matter. Gross.

All bathroom doors should open out into the restaurant so once hands are cleaned we can use our shoulders and lean on the door to open it. Or, there should be sinks for workers to use outside of the bathroom to wash their hands again before serving or cooking.

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I used to work in a restaurant and the manager was called on me for this once. First let me say if I were alone in the rest room I’d always leave without washing and use the wash sinks in the back since they’re better and don’t have to touch the door, but if there’s a customer in there with you always wash in there for the ‘show’. This one time I had to go really bad, so I stepped off the line to go real fast and there was a customer already in there. After I finished I waited to use the sink but the guy was washing his hands over and over. Soap water rinse, soap water rinse over and over again, meanwhile I had food on the grill which I didn’t want to burn, I waited as long as I could then I just left and washed in back, and of course the guy got my manager.

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@YoKoolAid but you can understand why the customer called the manager, right? He didn’t know you could wash your hands in the back. I guess next time you will politely ask if he’ll move over so you can wash your hands because you have a burger on the grill. :-)

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Personally, if I were to see an employee attempt to walk out the stall and then out the door, I would yell to them ‘HEY! ARE YOU GOING TO WASH YOUR HANDS!?’

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I’d stab him repeatedly in the throat with a spork.

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Thanks for all your answers. @AshLeigh, I’ll go there tomorrow, ask the manager if they have a sink in the back for their employees and then tell him or her what I saw.

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Chastise him for flushing. The water bill just lowers the profits!

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“ISLAMIC TERRORIST” tautology alert!

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The key words here are “fast food outlet”. There’s lots of reasons to avoid them.

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I would either tell someone of authority and stop eating their food, or continue eating their food and pretend like you never saw anything. You pick.

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I would report them to the manager.

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What is so difficult about spending 20–30 seconds washing your hands? If not for you, do it for the people who don’t want to get potentially sick. I would be too much of a sissy to approach the manager, I would just not return to the place or at least until the person was fired.

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I wouldn’t have done anything. I would have thought it was gross but I wouldn’t have complained or even dwelled on it for too long. I’m not the type of person that is constantly paranoid about germs and, even if I was, most of the time when I go into fast food restaurants the servers are wearing gloves when dealing with food anyway. That’s the type of thing that I would find amusing in an “ewwwww” kind of way and I may even go as far as to tell friends to avoid that certain server when ever they go to that restaurant.

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