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Which do you like better, Farscape or Firefly?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18976points) April 8th, 2012

I just finished watching all episodes of Firefly and find myself liking it, especially the characters. I would be excited if it ever gets picked up…again for more episodes but that is highly unlikely I’m sure. I have seen three episodes of Farscape and so far, I’m certain I’ll be watching some more. But I’m just curious as to how your viewing experience went in watching these two sci-fi shows. Thanks!

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I prefer Firefly

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I could barely make it through a few minutes of Farscape, yet managed to make it through the entire series of Firefly (including the movie Serenity). Furthermore, I actually enjoyed Firefly, unlike the short period stuck between “meh” and “bleh” that Farscape induced.

Then again there is an overlap between Steampunks and Browncoats, so it really isn’t a surprise that I lean that way.

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I have watched the entirety of Farscape, the miniseries wrap up included (probably the best finale of any series) and from what I have seen in SFDebris’ Firefly reviews, I would have hated it. Farscape on the other hand was one of the best sci fi series ever made, up there with B5 and DS9.

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I gorram love it.

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Firefly. Shiny.

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@ragingloli Based on the reviews, I didn’t think I would like Firefly either, so don’t trust the reviews. FOr further proof, the reviews I read for Farscape were great and it turned out otherwise.

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I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, Firefly!

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But Farscape did turn out to be great.

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^ Never liked Farscape. It seemed to have potential, but never delivered for me.

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@ragingloli I feel otherwise, but I won’t argue personal preference. My real point was that actually watching a program is a better way to figure out whether or not you like it than any reviews.

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I am an avid science fiction fan, and I didn’t like or even understand Farscape. I loved Firefly.

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Farscape neared what I would call perfect Sci-Fi.

Never before has a story had me so involved.

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I liked both. I thought they each had great back story development. Character development was strong from the start. The stories unfolded at just the right pace to keep me involved, not to slow to be a drag, not so fast to give it all away at once.

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I liked both, but I am a Browncoat, through and through. Firefly was a bit special because things seemed a bit more ‘down to earth’ and Farscape was really ‘out there’ with the stuff that happened. I know that sounds really stupid, but I almost don’t consider Firefly that ‘SciFi’.... dumb, eh? but there you go.

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