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Can you be kicked out of school because of your age?

Asked by butters (6points) May 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I just need to know

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In what way? Too old? Too young? Can you give more information about the situation?

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I used to work for a school board. I cannot find any hard data right now, but I believe there is an upper age limit. Schools do not want “adults” attending high school with kids. Sports leagues do not want ringers (older athletes) competing against high school kids. My guess is the cutoff would be 20 or 21.

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yea I feel stupied,but I havent been to school for a while cause I have tumors in my leg.
17 in 9th grade

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Even if there is an age limit, it’s probably in place for kids who keep failing year after year. In your case the school board would probably be understanding.

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If you are up to studying now, the school will be able to set up a home study program for you. While you are still underage, they have a responsibility to do that. They can test you first to evaluate the proper grade level of material.

Do NOT feel stupid. Some things are more important than school, fighting for your life being one of them.

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I can’t really be of help here to be honest, but I’ll through in my 2 cents anyways. When I was in Leaving Certificate here in Ireland (I suppose the equivalent of the last year of high school for you) we had a 42 year man in our class. He came back to school to finish his exams for some crazy reason.

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One other option: there are some non-traditional ways to earn a high school diploma for adults. I don’t know much about them, but they are probably in community college type settings. But I agree with others here: you shouldn’t be turned away from high schools at your age. Why don’t you call around to some in your area and ask to speak with an admissions counselor?

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I think Les was referring to something like this .

What’s your location? Rules for how long you can attend public school vary.

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They can’t kick you out for that, but they can hold you back. Nobody is ever too stupid to go to school. Don’t be hard on yourself. No matter your age you can go to school if you want, but they can’t refuse someone for wanting to get an education.

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@pete…: Haha, yeah that’s the word. Wow, I must be sleeping or something.

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You may want to start by looking at state laws, or even placing a call to the school district. While I believe there are laws stating that a person cannot leave school before a certain age, I don’t believe that a maximum age is addressed in most places.

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I think age 20 is the limit for being allowed to attend a public High School with teenagers. After that you have to seek your diploma else where. School after High School I see no reason why anyone would be kicked out of school. Your never too old for college as they say.

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You can always get your GED as an adult.

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