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What's wrong with snooping?

Asked by nikipedia (27692points) May 26th, 2008

Not saying I support it (at all) but curious why we are so protective of privacy. What good does privacy do, anyway? How is it different from hiding? And where are your snooping boundaries?

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Do you mean myspace/facebook snooping? If so, you should never put information you don’t want people to read in a public forum/place. But going through someone’s physical possessions is a very different situation.

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Whatever—estalking, reading someone else’s email, going through someone’s stuff, any violation of privacy. Why does that bother us? I feel like I must be missing something really obvious.

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i’m a real snooper, even reading the e-mail of my ex’es, why? i want to know everything!

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The issue to me is that without some assurance of privacy, you have no freedom of thought. For example, everyone has thoughts they don’t want others to know. Everyone is petty sometimes. Everyone has fantasies that they would not particularly want to share with all.

Everyone occasionally thinks uncharitable thoughts about a friend that they one the whole and otherwise love dearly. For example, “I wish she would stop dating only unavailable men, then maybe she wouldn’t get hurt.” You might think that, but you wouldn’t want it to get back to your friend.

People’s innermost hopes and dreams are delicate. They don’t particularly want them exposed to potential ridicule or judgment.

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In which case, share your email login details?

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Not all communication and information is meant for everyone’s eyes or ears. And even if someone you don’t mind seeing/hearing it decides to snoop and get the information, it’s an act of dishonesty and/or disrespect. If they have genuine reasons and interests in this information, why can’t they just ask for it? I think that’s the part that’s more upsetting. That they aren’t upfront and say “hey, mind if I read that message you’re typing?”, but instead wait for you to leave your desk and then read it without asking if it’s OK for them to do so. It’s a bit like borrowing your parents car when they’re not around.

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when i was twelve i was snooping through my parents closet looking for christmas presents. i found a box of sex toys and porn movies. i was horrified. i didnt need to be thinking about that stuff at that age. i think because of snooping i lost some of my youthful innocence before i shoud have.

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LMAO @ buster!!!!

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