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What do you wish you had asked for on your home owners insurance?

Asked by mowens (8350points) April 9th, 2012

Or… what do you always make sure you have?

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A fairly high limit on liability

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Depends where I live. Here in Memphis I make sure I have earthquake insurance, which is a fortune here; in FL I don’t think I had that coverage. I always get flood insurance, not matter what I am told about how I don’t need it. And, windstorm. In FL I also made sure I had sink hole insurance, not sure what that is called, or if it is a standard thing anyway.

I agree with @janbb liability just in case.

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We have lots of wind. :)

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Never been flooded, not even close as I live on a very high hill, so that’s not needed.

Everything else is well-covered. Like the saying goes…...........

“Nationwide Is On Your Side”.

You might check replacement costs for your house and not just a set of numbers. Things have changed in the last three years and your policy might need to be updated.

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We have complete coverage on ours .. so we really don’t need anything else.

We have replacement value on our home and not just a flat figure we chose .. it costs more, but will make a big difference if we ever had a total loss.

I have some expensive jewelry “scheduled” as riders… to make sure we would get their value and not just a flat figure that comes standard with the policy.

We have basement “backup” flood insurance. It cost a little more, but give us peace of mind.

We have a fairly low deductible too.

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We are offered earthquake and flood insurance every year, but have not felt it is worth it. We are not in a flood plain. The earthquake coverage doesn’t include things like broken dishes or furniture, only structural damage and we aren’t in an earthquake prone area.

We have full coverage, fire, storm and theft with full replacement value, automatic increases every year, and a rider to cover my diamond ring.

We also carry life insurance and auto insurance through the same company – Allstate.

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50% of flood claims are in non flood plain areas. Something like that. Flood insurance is usually pretty inexpensive.

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@JLeslie Thanks for the advice. Actually we live in an area call Citrus Heights, with emphasis on the Heights part, near the foothills of the Sierra.

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@JLeslie can I ask how much more you pay for the earth quake insurance. PM would be fine, I am seriously considering this.

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@choreplay Earthquake is very expensive where I live, some insurers don’t even offer it here. I live near the New Madrid fault, which is famous for giving the US (the contiguous 48) the strongest quake in the history of recording quakes. We don’t get big quakes often, but when the big one hits they predict it will be devastating. Also, it would matter how much your house is worth vs mine. I pay around $900 a year just for earthquake. But, my windstorm here is much less than when I lived in FL, and my deductable for windstorm is half FL, it used to be even less. Just call a few insurers and ask the questions. If you can get USAA (if you are military, or your parents were officers in the military) don’t even bother shopping around, just buy their insurance, they are the best.

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@JLeslie, Thanks just wanted an idea of how much to see if it was in a range where it was realistic for us. Ya, probably based on replacement cost. Thanks for the help I think its worth checking into further. We had a 3 point something last year and I have a historic home that was constructed long before consideration in design for such risk. Thanks again.

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I do have USAA, they are amazing.

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@mowens Oh, they are always very helpful with all these type of questions. Just give them a call to go over your coverage and ask what else is available.

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