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Can anyone recommend an app that would allow printing from an iPad2 to a printer in the house?

Asked by srmorgan (6738points) April 9th, 2012

My wife got an iPad2 for Christmas and we can’t figure out how to print a web page on our home printer. It is networked via WiFi and I am sure there is a simple solution to this.

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I just got a new Epson wifi printer. I found an app (android) called Epson iPrint. I just went to the app market (app store for mac), searched “epson print”, and there it was. Works great. Try searching “wifi print” or “Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Brother, whatever… print”.

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I have an HP wireless printer and the app for it, but it’s squirley and doesn’t work well. I gave up and just dropbox anything I want to print and pick it up on a computer.

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If you have a printer that supports airprint you should (in theory) be able to print from any app that allows printing such as Pages. Apple has a lsit of supported printers on their web site.

Alternatively you could try this

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You don’t need one. Wireless printing is natively supported in iOS5 through AirPrint.

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I guess I don’t know how to implement this.
We are using an HP Photosmart D110 printer on a netgear wifi network. If wireless printing is supported, how do I find it?
I am not a technophobe, I just know nothing about the iPad2.



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Hi smorgan
The list that Lightlyseared mentioned i.e. the Apple AirPrinters list is
Is the printer you mentioned a HP Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a? If so, good news this is indeed on the list of AirPrint printers!
Therefore, you should automatically be able to connect your iPad to your printer without any trouble! Did the printer come with a help manual at all?
Failing that, if you really are struggling, try a third party app like Print n share by eurosmartz, which should make it much easier. Plus if you get really stuck (and I have done once or twice lol) their tech support is really quick and helpful. I really hope this helps and you get it sorted!!

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