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What was the craziest dream you ever had?

Asked by osullivanbr (3625points) May 26th, 2008

We can all remember a dream we have had at one point or another. What was your craziest, scariest, etc? What stands out?

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yesterday morning i woke up from a bad dream. i have a 10 month old golden retriever named Ember. in my dream my dad and i were walking through a field. we both had pistols. we walked up to a grave that had been dug. then my dad shot my dog in the back of the head and she fell in the grave. then i woke up and realized it wasnt real. i was relieved.

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bloody hell buster. Do you need a hug, that’s horrific.

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I had a dream when I was little that I saw a UFO crash into a mountainside. It seemed so real that I remember it to this day.

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ill take all the hugs i can get.

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I dreamed, not once, but three nights in a row that I was doing it with Howie Mandel. I think I might call that more of a nightmare.

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OK so we’ve established that supernutjob needs some counselling.

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Three pigs in business suits. They had been overfed and couldn’t even stand any longer, they were dressed and propped onto piles of straw. While we were at this sort of fair place we came across them and I was so outraged I personally removed all of them from the straw, and within about ten minutes they were all thin again and thanking me, while removing their business suits.

The night before I had seen a program on animal activism.

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hmmmm ok then….
(Seriously though, nice one)

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Once I was flying in the sky full of fluffy white clouds. Flying with me were chrome toasters and purple hippos.

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Last night I dreamt about flying though a Beatles trip-out film clip, which is strange because normally I dream about naked… gun, the movie.

edit: @jsc007: We have similar dreams!

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All of my dreams are crazy. Seriously. My latest (copied from this):

I dreamt that I was on some kind of school camp in a jungle near a beach. Everyone had the same bag and mine got mixed up and lost. I was ringing everyone on my mobile when suddenly everyone else was gone and I was with Batman and Robin. They were telling me a story about how they’d been chased by this huge shark, but as they were telling me the story it was happening to me. I was chased by this shark all over the place until I finally ended up in a peaceful little bay where some yachts were moored. I was floating in the water when I found a bottle of cordial and started to drink it. Then I heard Robin say somewhere in the background “then I started drinking cordial and the shark turned up again” so I knew the shark was about to come. I swam to shore just in time and the shark jumped out of the water, hit its nose on the sand and fell back in before swimming away. Suddenly I was in a van with Batman and Robin driving along a forest road having a good old laugh and chatting like old friends. But then i was driving a car behind the van, although I was still in the van as well, I guess I was in two places at once. The me in the car was also being chased by something but I didn’t know what. A bird hit my windscreen and bounced off, making me jump. Then another car appeared behind me and I could see a freaky ghost woman driving it in my rearview mirror. Then suddenly this creepy dead woman was in my car. I screamed, she turned into the shark and bit my shoulder before I crashed the car and suddenly I was the me back in the van again. The other me no longer existed but I had a cut on my shoulder from where the shark had bit me. Robin patched me up and then I woke up.

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Wow. Fantastic dream shrubbery. There’s a book in there somewhere.
Does raise the question of what does be on your mind while you’re awake though?

Again – fantastic answer.

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What happened after that. Was there probes involved. You’re among friends – you can tell us.

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I wonder how David Firth feels…


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Haha thanks, I have plenty of others but I don’t have time to tell you write now. I keep a dream journal so that I remember my dreams because they are all so crazy I love to tell people about them. I’ll type some more out later for you. I think I watched an episode of Supernatural that day, the one where the ghost girl gets in peoples cars and makes them take her to her house so that must be where she came from, but the rest? Who knows, I must supress a lot of things for them to burst out in my subconscious like this :P

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i had a wierd dream that my best friend had a giant mustache that people combed for good luck and my other friend had a giant dumbledore beard that ate people, and my other friend had a big hairy toe that talked.

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I am on a staircase about 3 feet wide approximately 16 feet out from the outside top of the Sears Tower. The stairs are made of ice and melting. It is very windy as well.

I have this one repeatedly.

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Ok, here are my others, enjoy…

- It was night time and the supermarket was supposed to be closed but someone had forgotten to lock up. My sister and I went in and took stuff, whatever we wanted, cause we thought well it’s a franchise, they’re not gonna lose any money. Other people walking past the windows saw what w were doing and joined in. Everyone was running around taking everything. It was getting close to morning and the crowds disappeared. But I realised that I’d seen a purple country road bag taht I wanted so I went back. People were starting to open the checkouts so I grabbed it and ran. I think I was seen but no one stopped me. Then I was at my grandparents house. It was the same but bigger, like an old mansion. It was warmly lit, sort of an orangey colour like old fashioned gas lamps. I was in my gran’s room picking out a dress to wear from a wall to wall wardrobe. I was waiting for four of my guy friends to meet me there before we went out. My pop came in and told me someone had arrive so I went out to meet them. The end.

- I was Harry potter and one of my girl friends was Voldemort. We were fighting and surrounded by people and death eaters fighting (all people I knew). Somehow there was victory even though I hadn’t taken voldie/my friends wand yet. I took her into another room – a big hall type room with a high ceiling and stage and piano (Kinda like our assembly hall at school). I remembered to grab her wand and got up on stage. I yelled “I’ve got the key!” and some one was like “pssst, it’s a wand” and then I was like “oops, I’ve got the wand!” and then I woke up.

- I was a Chaser (from the Chasers War on Everything) and I was having a waterfight with another chaser using little plastic cups. We were in a front yard or driveyway or osmething. It switched, I’m myself, with all of my friends in our school library. Some of them were angry for some reason, especially one girl in particular. My best friend ran out crying, I ran after her and started to cry. We went to the front garden of the school to the big massive chinese willow tree there. It had just been raining so it was wet and noone was around. I was piggy backing Claire. Then I looked over to the driveway and there’s a gardener with shoulder length blond hair and his dad (a gardener also). He was giving his dad a piggy back. I was trying to duck under branches of a tree so I wouldn’t be seen but suddenly I had a hiking pack on my back and it got stuck on the three. Suddenly some grade sevens appeared on the playground nearby and cheered for the gardeners. I woke up.

- (this is the first weird dream I felt I needed to record). I was two people at the same time. A twin boy and girl. Those emo kind of cartoons with the drop shaped faces and big eyes… um… like Edgar and Ellen. There was a massive cliff face, perfectly flat. It was night time and the sea was raging below. We were building a house on the side of the cliff. It was haunted, even though we’d only just built it. We climbed to the top of the cliff. There were two old men, one fat and one skinny, carrying big cans of condensed milk. They beckoned us to follow them. There was an old fashioned mansion nearby. The land around was flat and there was nothing else as far as the eye could see. We walked behind the men down the path to the front door of the house. It looked creepy and deserted. One of the men opeend the door and went in to the foyer. It was dark. Something chopped him clean in half from top to bottom. I woke up.

- My sister had died, but we weren’t sad because we knew that her spirit was floating around somewhere because she had unfinished business to do. My parents and I went down to the jetty near our house when it was full moon and did some ritual to collect her spirit so we could help her finish her business. For some reason, we collected her spirit in a doormat. One of those semi-circle wicker sort of doormats. We took the doormat around everywhere so she could finish her unfinished business. The end.

- Ok, now this one, I was too scared to write down so I might not be able to describe it as well as the others. I did not want to go back to sleep after I had this dream because it freaked me out so much. I was at my house, but it wasn’t like my real house. It was a wooden cabin out in the bush somewhere. I was home alone but I was waiting for my friends to arrive, I must have been having a party or something. Anyway, a car load of my friends pull up the drive way and get out of the car. Suddenly they get sucked through the fence punching a huge hole in it and get chopped up, body parts flying everywhere, the car goes too. This happens every few minutes with new carloads of my friends. I get really freaked out and follow the roard round to my grandparents house which is nearby. I go in and sit down in the loungeroom which is the same as normal. Then suddenly Lucius Malfoy walks in and somehow I know he’s killed all my friends and he’s after me too. Then he takes of his mask and It’s my pop! I run out and my gran is after me too. This is the bit that freaked me out the most: I run out the back and can see my house through their back fence because it has a big hole in it. It’s dark and I can’t see where I’m running but I realise that it’s the same hole in the fence where my friends were being sucked through and chopped up. Then the horrible realisation hits me that I am running over the top of my friends body parts. I get back to my house and hear voices so I hide in a bush outside. It’s my mum and sister, they’re in on it too and they’re talking to my gran and pop. “Don’t worry, she won’t be far away, she can’t survive in the bush for long either, we’ll get her”. I sneak into the house to get some supplies then run away into the bush. The end.

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One time, I dreamed I was in the amazon, building a hut. I was building it out of wood (I don’t know why) and as I was hammering the nails into the boards, a chimp was handing me the nails. The chip was wearing a wife beater tank top. It was very awkward to say the least.

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I had one recently where it started with a title screen with credits and all. It was called “ironfist” I was me in the movie for a while, then an alien giant landed and grabbed me and a friend. He squeezed us in his hands really hard. When he opened them I was gold, and the other guy was steel. He said we were to help guard the world. We were very strong, and fast and could not be hurt. I needed a way to get around, since being gold I was too heavy for cars, etc. I went to a cliff by the Columbia river and started ripping away rocks, and unburied giant stone horses. I rode the horses around saving people, etc. Then more aliens attacked and started killing everyone on the planet. They had huge ships and would take certain people to the ships for food and slaves. They took my family, and I finally decided to attack their ships. I went up to them( I could fly now) and they were replicas of ww2 cities all bombed out. I started destroying everytthing and turning aliens into gold, as well as their ships to gold. I figured they couldn’t fly because they would be to heavy. They started to get mad and tried to leave, but I was so mad at them, that I destroyed all of them. On the ships, on their homeworld, everywhere. Every one of them. My family and the rest of the planet was grateful, but repulsed that I had killed an entire civilization. I flew into space and left. The end and credits rolled again.

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There’s a couple I forgot about as I hadn’t written them down but they came back to me in a discussion with my friends:

- My mum and I lived in a wooden hut in a very pretty forest. Apparently the world was going to end the next day but if we sent a missile to blow up the sun the earth would last a few days loner. For some reason my mum got to decided whether to send the missile or not. She decided to, and got the press the button to send it. It switched but it was still the same story, only it was a few days later and the last day of the world. It was sunset in a different very pretty foreset, me and a boy I liked were watching a game of lacrosse in a clearing. Pieces of sun started raining down before I woke up.

- I was the chick from NCIS and I was married to the main guy. I was pregnant with his child. He got shot and I got depressed. It switched, I’m me but I’m at school in my pyjamas. It switched slightly again and I’m in my uniform, still at school but someone is trying to nail me to a cross. There are a few other people also being nailed to corsses and they are just going along with it. I suddenly think “but hey, what if i don’t want to be nailed to a cross” I say this out loud but whoever is doing the nailing is like no no you want to be it’s alright you want to be. I realise I don’t really want to be and I’m being brainwashed and I push them away and somehow get down before waking up.

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My brother’s best friend had recently died and a few weeks later I had a dream that my brother was trying to kill my dad and that his best friend was there and was trying to save my dad. Then my dad got pushed off our roof and…died. At the end of the dream my brother tied himself down and caught himself on fire.

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