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"The Shroud of Turin boosted Christianity from an obscure sect into the most powerful religion in the world." Does this sound plausible to you?

Asked by rebbel (24955points) April 9th, 2012

Thomas de Wesselow thinks so, as he writes in his book, The Sign: The Shroud of Turin and the Secret of the Resurrection.
As it was stated in a newspaper article I read he writes that after apostles showed the shroud (with the alleged imprint of Jesus’ face on it) around to people, they were thinking it (more) believable that Jesus had resurrected.
Thus making a small religion (with ‘few’ followers) into a major religion (with millions of followers) that we have today.
Realizing that also today ‘the image’ is a very strong tool to make people believe/see things I can see that it could also have worked with the Turin Shroud.
What say you?


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I didn’t think the shroud was around during the time of the apostels. I thought they had confirmed it was a fake mock up staged thing from the 13th century or there about.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but the shroud was carbon dated and wasn’t even close to the time Jesus was alive.

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Oh please.

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Nope. I think the roman empire adopting it as their state religion had more to do with it

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Could’t be more implausible.

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Here in Norway they killed or starved anyone who wouldn’t convert. More effective back in 1st and 2nd century.

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I saw a short news story that interviewed the author who was making these claims. According to him, the shroud reappeared in France in the 1300’s after traveling trough Europe from Israel. The carbon dating test shows that the cloth was made from 1260 to 1390. This corresponds so closely with the time of “reappearance” that I think that it is more likely that France was where the cloth was made in the first place.

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See @Lightlyseared It was Constantine’s conversion that raised the stock of the Christians.

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@PhiNotPi Or just possibly, there was a wormhole from 32CE to say 1290CE? And so carbon dating is screwed? That would be a perfect explanation.

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@6rant6 Everyone knows that ancient Rome would enough antimatter to keep the wormhole from imploding in itself. It is a perfect explanation. I don’t see any flaws.

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@PhiNotPi Those Cardinals can keep a lot of that stuff hidden under those robes.

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Historical revisionism run amuck.

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The interesting thing about the shroud is NOT that it substantiates the Resurrection, but only confirms a possible death of someone who had wounds similar to those that Jesus had in the Gospels.

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@6rant6 Like altar boys…

If you tell people what they want to hear (and/or hold a gun to their head) then even the flimsiest “proof” can be totally convincing.

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Like @cazzie and others said…

The shroud was a fake, made in the thirteenth century. So…. the answer is no.

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No. It’s widely acknowledged as a fraud.

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