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How to get rid of cows?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) April 9th, 2012

I’ve had a nagging feel for a while that my grass was disappearing but thought it was just in my head. The other day I noticed a large poop pile but couldn’t identify which animal it belonged to until today when my husband saw a heard of 30 cows invading our field. The field is about 3 acres in size with a dense forest surrounding the east and northern sides, where the cows enter from, a rock wall on the western side and my home on the southern side. How do I keep them off my land? Money is tight at the moment but any and all suggestions are welcome.

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I’m betting these aren’t random cows, that they belong to someone. Find out who they belong to and tell them you don’t want their cows on your property.

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Barbed wire. To add to @chyna ‘s aswer, they probably have a brand on them. You might get assistance from animal control.

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If money is tight, thank the cows for mowing the grass for you, you are saving gasoline by not having to mow.

Or call the owner of the cows, if they are cows they need to be milked so follow them home this afternoon. Make a deal with the farmer, you get free milk and beef in return for grazing rights.

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Where are you located? By law it’s the farmers responsibilty to control his animals and you can call law enforcement if they get on your land. On the other hand, if you can strike a deal with him for milk and meat depending on the breed (what color are they?), that’s a heck of a cheap mowing arrangement. Do you know the farmer? The next time they are in the field, wander over to the farm and tell the farmer. I bet he doesn’t know they have found a path to your field. And farmer’s usually don’t mind helping out in other ways. Need a garden plowed? It might be a nice way to make a great neighbor. It needs to be managed, 30 cows will go through 3 acres fairly quickly and it will need some time for regrowth, but it could make a nice arrangement between neighbors.

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Don’t cows destroy the grass?

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@Judi If you left them in the field continously they would overgraze it and damage the grass. If it’s managed they’enhance the grass and keep out brush and other trees and you’ll end up with a really nice meadow.

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Where do you live?

You are providing free pasturage for the farmer if he is not paying you and the cows are noshing on your grass.

You need to talk to this man; either cash or barter, but you deserve something.

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I live in Pennsylvania.

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@livingchoice I’m in upstate NY, but I’ve dealt with a lot of PA farmers. If you go in with a friendly neighborly attitude you’ll be amazed by the response. Go in with a chip on your shoulder you’ll get a cold shoulder back. Do you want the field kept clear as a meadow? Or do you want brush and trees? That should have been one of my other questions..

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Well I plan to cultivate a piece of that area and I just don’t want the cows eating it before I can. :O). I agree coming up with some sort of barter is a great idea. Thanks All!

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@livingchoice Ok. Next time the cows are in there go see the farmer and let him know they’re in there. He’ll apologize I’m guessing and say he’ll get them out. Explain you want a garden in part but not all and ask if he’s interested in using part of it. Ask if he’ll fence off part of it for you and he can use the rest for his cows. Farmers love to barter. I’m guessing you get a friend for life. Although once in a while you come across a bitter farmer and this whole idea blows up in our faces. Luck.

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Cows? Ummm… hamburgers and steaks? : D

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@Judi You may be thinking of sheep, who pull the grass up by its roots. Cows just clip it off at the top, but as @Adirondackwannabe said, over grazing may cut it too short. I agree with finding out who the cows belong to and striking up a deal. But if a real farmer disagrees with my answer, listen to him. I’m a city girl and only know what I’ve read.

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In the Old West, if a cow went on your property, I believe you could catch it and slaughter it for food.

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