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How long does it take you to figure out what this site is about and what it does?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) April 9th, 2012

I recently designed a new website for my cousin, as his old one was a bit dated, did not do much, and it was hard to figure out what the site was about.

I was wondering how long it takes now to figure out what the site is about.

Here is the site:

How long did it take you to figure out what the site is about and what it does?

B.Q. How would you improve it to better explain to the users what the site is for and what it does.

Note: we are talking about improving the content, not the design, he insisted on many of the features being the way they are.

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I got the site immediately. It loaded slowly initially, and that might deter me a little. Other than that it’s good. Nice look to it.

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The home page loads slowly, the other pages load fast, I don’t know why. It’s a good site.

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Thanks, it is slow because of all the flash on it, it has to load 4 big photos and other stuff.

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I figured the photos were part of the reason. It’s great other than the initial load. I think the professional look offsets the time. I’d leave it as is.

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It took less much than a minute for me to figure out what they did and how they operate.

I understand wanting an executive look, but I feel the color scheme is a little washed out. (Sorry, but you did ask.).

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@marinelife I agree, it is waaaay too grey, unfortunately he insisted on these colors, it could use some black in it. Thanks

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I like the layout, but I agree with @marinelife about the colors. I also find the font for the description paragraphs to difficult to read (could be a cleaner typeface, IMO).

As for figuring out what the company does, it took me less than 30secs.

Once the home page loads (which took about a minute) it was fine going back and forth between pages…however, in the upper left corner, it flashes through all the tab button titles (like that part isn’t loading properly or something…wish I could word that more technically for you, but I don’t know how ;)

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the devil of flash—loads too slowly, main pitch not immediately apparent, and loading screen may irritate fast-moving execs. Otherwise site’s purpose is clear and looks very corporate. Embedding main message in Flash may not be in be in best interest.

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I understand what it’s about, but like others said, the flash takes way to long to load. The end user doesn’t care about why it takes so long to load. If you are worried about how fast people are going to get the gist of the company, that needs to load faster. Most people are too ADD to sit around and wait. I know I leave pages that don’t load fast. And yeah, the scheme is drab.

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Use a still with the plug for your header. If you want flash, do an animated button scheme with imagery. I have seen some where the corporate imagery appears in the button expansion.

The gradation stops on the sides abruptly. Continue down with the darker color only to page base to better frame page.

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Nice look and feel, but even my connection, which averages about 35 Mbps down, it took some time for the flash images to load. Consider preloading a simple branding image in the space where the flash loads, then fade the flash into it and run your flash animation. The branding image should tell what the site’s mission visually. Busy visitors decice within 1/50th of a second whether the site a search took them too is “The right place.” There’s no time to load flash, and no time for them to read text. They may hang longer on a site, but if you don’t win the 20 millisecond approval, they generally backbutton out and go to the next link on the search results page.

Except for satisfying the client’s taste, I don’t believe there is a “right” color. Satisfy those complaining, and you’ll set off a chorus of others who don’t like what they do like. The colors just have to be appropriate to the mission of the site and well coordinated. Seems to me you achieved that.

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I got the purpose of the site before your flash plugin finished loading, just from reading the blurb at the bottom. However that plugin is VERY slow to load.

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3.64 secs approx.

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Whatever is loading in the center front spot was at 30%. Everything is perfectly clear to me, even though I didn’t see whatever is loading.

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Get rid of flash. The “ken burns” animation on the massive photos is obnoxious and doesn’t add anything of substantial value. It’s also got major anti-aliasing issues because the jaggies were flickering like crazy in certain spots on some of the pictures. I think it would be 1000 times more effective to do a non-flash slideshow with simple transitions, no panning/zooming etc. I’m also not convinced that the images you’ve chosen are the most compelling for explaining what the company is all about.

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It was pretty apparent from the text that loaded instantly what the site was about, but I was not about to wait for the flash to load, and I never did. The flash loading also seemed to slow down the tab response, which would be unacceptable to me.

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I figured it out from the title, but the flash took ages to load, but wow, its beautiful.

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Don’t ever have typos on the main page of a website (or any other page). For me, it instantly brings down the credibility and I would be less likely to take the person/product/service seriously, especially ones that are seen as professional. “Indentify” ;)

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