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Can I still exercise with a blood blister on my foot?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) April 9th, 2012

The winter season is gone, so I decided to get back into walking. I walk on a treadmill because we have been having low temperatures for this time of year. After a 30 minute session, I noticed I have a small blood blister on the bottom of one of my feet. When I wear my normal shoes I have no problems whatsoever, but it’s when I wear my slippers and work out shoes. I know why it’s there but I was just wondering if it’s ok to continue working out or try to let it heal?

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I’m sure you can do more exercises that don’t involve impact… swimming, cycling, nautical machines, lifting weights, etc.

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I would do other forms of exercise until it heals.

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The worst that will happen is that the blood blister will break, it will bleed a bit and hurt.

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I guess you can’t be talking about exercise that impacts that area. Exercise without involving the foot.

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Heed what Dr. Rarebear is advising. He’s the one who went to medical school and is generous enough to pass out free advice from time to time.

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My apartment complex only has a few pieces of equipment for use, and they lock the pool later on unless you schedule it to be open. I guess I’ll just force it to pop. Thanks guys.

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I wouldn’t JUST pop it, feet can be very prone to bacteria, and a popped blood blister is a great avenue for infection.
If you must pop the blister, clean and disinfect your foot, lance the blister with a sterile needle, apply an antibiotic and cover the open wound with a sterile gauze dressing. Check the dressing frequently for slippage and reapply as needed until healed.

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If it pops, just unroof it and clean it. It should be fine. And I speak not as a doctor, but as a veteran backpacker.

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I didn’t mean I was going to pop it myself, I was just going to take a chance and go to the gym and if it pops while working out I’d deal with it later. But it didn’t pop, being a little stubborn little thing.

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So don’t worry about it then.

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Yes, just don’t do anything that requires running.

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Just one thing: you don’t have diabetes, do you? In that case you must see a doctor.

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I do have diabetes and I’ve already seen the doctor about it. The blister comes from a problem they “technically” can’t fix due to the diabetes. I have bone spurs on my feet, but they won’t do the surgery to fix them because the healing would be slow. It only happens on my left foot, right around the callus area, which I tend to every night after I shower. It takes me about 3 weeks to heal a blood blister, and if you consider “trying to get in shape” with a constant 3 week break you can see why I want some way to exercise. Blood blisters come from blood vessels leaking because of pinching in the area (for me it’s the callus and the misgrown bone).

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Swimming is supposed to be the best exercise, (no impact or little pressure on things) and it might be the perfect thing for your situation.

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Sorry I have to remember to read all the answers first, it was suggested by @RandomMrdan

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@flo Double the same answer means double the importance. No need to be sorry.

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That is true come to think of it.Thanks @Moegitto! How is it coming along by the way?

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@flo Completely healed, I think I just need to get new shoes. I might try using another pair of sneakers tonight just to test. But I’m pretty sure it might be my shoes, or I could go to Wal-Mart and get one of those Moleskin’s shaped like a donut, but pausing the problem is worst than solving it.

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Good to hear it. I remember seeing one of those donut shaped stick-on things that are mostly meant for people with corn on their toes. I wonder if they have them in bigger sizes for blisters and the like?

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You can buy rolls of moleskin and cut them into shapes for your unique foot deformities.

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