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How can I get Outlook to accept 'safe senders'?

Asked by ccrow (8097points) April 10th, 2012

I have Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. I have quite a few daily emails that I get, and for some reason it will never download the pictures automatically. I have tried adding the sender, the sender’s domain, everything I can think of, but still Outlook nobly protects me from pictures… I know this is not right up there on the list of life’s problems, but still- anybody know what I can do to convince it that I’d really rather not have to go through telling it I want the pictures every single time??

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From the File menu, go to Options | Trust Center
click on Trust Center Settings (the button)
Look at your Automatic Download option to be sure you’ve not turned that off

And I’m assuming from your message that the e-mail is being delivered, so you’ve already flagged the individuals as safe senders. Sounds like the picture download is the issue. If I’m not understanding, I haven’t been helpful.

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Ok, yeah, ‘Don’t download’ was checked. Now unchecked. And yes, I was getting the emails without them being labeled as spam; I just don’t get why it won’t add the emails to ‘safe senders’ when I tell it to.

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