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Is there a one click button to erase history?

Asked by Kato (443points) April 10th, 2012

I am building a website for a Non-Profit that helps people escape human trafficking. We need a history eraser button. I don’t know where to find the code, if it’s already out there, or how to program the code, if it is not.


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Fluther is not really a good place to find programming help (that’s my first-hand experience). I would recommend asking this question at, which is mostly designed for programming help.

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What kind of history are you trying to erase??

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browsing history

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If you’re thinking of a button, server-side, that erases history, client-side, I really, really would discourage it.

I’m not sure if it’s possible or not, but even if it is, it’s incredibly intrusive.

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Yes, I thought you were asking a metaphysical question at first. How can we erase our pasts? I was going to suggest that you look under the orange tree, since that is exactly the kind of thing that it excels at. Alas, you are looking for a browser history erase function, which only became clear in the details of the question. I felt cheated. Maybe next time you could put the important information in the question instead of hiding it in the details. You’ll get better answers.

You probably also want to say where you want to erase this history. Do you want to erase the history of the person’s activities on your website? Do you want to give them an easy way to erase their own browsing history?

If you need them to erase their own browsing history, then it seems like you’ll have to write code that covers all the browsers out there that people might be using. Or you could teach them to erase their own history. Or you could tell them they can not visit your site unless they are using their private browsing or incognito function on their browser, assuming they all have one. In that way they couldn’t record anything on their machine. Unless they worked hard at it.

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Why not just include a write up on how to erase browsing history for each of the major browsers, and leave it up to users to do so if they feel the need?

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So is the idea that the person who is escaping human trafficking could hop onto a computer, go to your website, and when the boss is coming they can one click erase history and book it out of there? That’s the only situation I can imagine you’d need such a button for.

And if this is the case, and a boss is checking history.. wouldn’t the boss realize something was amiss when the history was erased?

Just trying to understand.

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I think that she is looking for a button that will only erase the history of visiting that particular site. The whole idea will be difficult, though, because the whole idea of a website being able to modify the visitor’s computer (in this case, erasing file data) is probably hard to do, and quite possibly illegal.

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Why not simply announce/advertise yourself as a pet store or something else (only in ‘history’, of course! ;)

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@Bagardbilla Great idea, till the forces of oppression discover the cover.

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