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My oldest dog is 13 and has started to wet the bed a little. Why?

Asked by buster (10239points) May 26th, 2008

Katie is an 13 year old lab/blue heeler mix. Recently ive been noticing wet places wherever she sleeps. Not big puddles just little leaks. Is it just because she is old or is there more to it?

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You should not assume it is just old age. That is not the likely cause.

It could be a urinary tract infection or any one of several other conditions. In any case, the symptom of the urine leak can cause urine burning of the skin and be painful for her.

You need to get her to the vet for a full check and remember to tell the vet how long it has been going on, and where and when you notice the leakage.

Good luck and let us hear how Katie is,

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I suspect urinary incontinence, but Marina is correct, start with a physical exam and a urinalysis. If everything else is normal, Katie may need to go on a hormonal supplement.

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Hey may have a problem with his kiddney. My dog is 10 and when we leave her down stairs to sleep at night, she will urinate. So in the winter we put her in the laundry room. This helps because she won’t want to pee in a small area nor in her kennel area.

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