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If women like men who are tall and succesful what do men like? Biologically speaking.

Asked by partyrock (3870points) April 10th, 2012

If women (for the most part,obviously I’m not talking about everyone on the planet) are attracted to men who are tall, successful, wealthy, powerful, have brawn, then what would men be attracted to, biologically speaking? Would she have to have big boobs, full lips, thick long shiny hair, smooth skin, and young? What is the male/female equivalent of each?

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I prefer women with college degrees and those that sit on the darker side of the art world. I prefer brunettes and black hair with light eyes, freckles are nice. Please be in shape and by that I mean, take care of yourself…..Brush your teeth, eat well, exercise.
Don’t complain or over worry about things and be able to hold a conversation with almost anyone. Ego is a gigantic turn off and only comes across as insecurity. I don’t care what a woman does for a living, just be willing to work and don’t put yourself above doing anything at all. Don’t balk at beggars and do not, do not chew with your mouth open. Be willing to open the door for me as I am always willing to open your door first.
The dawn of new traditions are among us and we need to recognize both sexes as equals.
Be willing to pay for a date here or there and be open minded for Christ sake.

All of these things are attractive to me. You could be 4’10” and 130lbs or 5’10” and 130lbs…I don’t really care as long as you have good taste and manners and a brain.

In my line of work I am surrounded by ridiculously hot women who do calenders and high fashion all the time and my co-workers and I refer to most of them as poodles…..Good only when they get treats and only in your lap. The rest of the time they are barking or whining. I can’t think of anyone uglier.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – lol uhm, wow, made me stop and look too :) lol

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@judochop “I don’t really care as long as you have good taste and manners and a brain.” Nice!

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All of the things you would assume would be genetically attractive and you described many of them in your details.

Keep in mind that there are other subtle things going on. Women sound and have hair patterns in a manner similar to children. It engenders a protective instinct in men.

Also, symmetry in general, but asymmetric in detail. A symmetrical face, with one minor asymmetrical detail is considered a genetic marker of high quality. Think of a single mole above the lip, or an arched eyebrow.

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I prefer the term “conformist” rather than “successful,” since what the petite bourgeoisie are successful at is conforming to expected social standards. The truly wealthy, of course, got that way by violating any and all social standards… and getting away with it.

In any case, that’s what women find sexually attractive: dull, conformist men with thick wallets and social acceptance with whom they can exchange sexual favours for money and borrowed prestige. What men find sexually attractive are shallow, stupid, vicious women with oviparous hips and megalocarpous breasts who remind them sufficiently of their mothers to give them a boner, but are sufficiently different not to cause oedipal anxiety.

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I would be more comfortable with a woman who’s shorter than me (but that’s just me being self-conscious about being short). I also prefer curvy rather than skinny, and I find intelligence and confidence to be MUCH more sexually attractive than shallow, stupid and insecure.

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I like short beardy jewish hippies. Lean is nice. I prefer my men to play at least one instrument, and have a strong creative streak. A rebellious and/or liberal political standing and a general care for the state of the world is also quite the turn on. It helps if he smokes weed. I couldn’t find any survival instincts there could you?

I’m attracted to sassy women. But then, I’m not a man. I would say strongly instinctual men go for child bearing hips and a nurturing personality.

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Is successful biological?

Men like T and A as far as I know. I think they much care about the successful part.

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I don’t really have a body type I look for. It’s always the eyes that draw me in. I don’t even know how to describe it. Maybe confidence, intelligence, and a sense of humor? And then the ability to carry on a conversation that has some depth to it. She does that and I’m interested, if not hooked.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Mother of god…............................

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Women who are short and unsuccessful?

From what I’ve gathered men like intelligent women who hold their own, are independent, not whiney, confident – things like that. It just doesn’t look that way in society and maybe that’s the media’s fault.

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@SmashTheState Anthropological research doesn’t support your rejection of “successful” for “conformist” in this context. Women tend to be attracted to men who are successful by their own standards—that is, by the women’s standards—and not by society’s standards. If the woman is not a conformist, then, she will not consider a man who is one to be successful. Moreover, it appears to be not a cultural mechanism, but rather an evolved mechanism that leads women to want partners they can respect (which translates into partners who have been successful at things they, the women, deem worthwhile). While it may be true that many women unthinkingly adopt society’s standards for their own, that is a reason for rejecting the inclusion of wealth in the OP, not the inclusion of success.

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