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What is this 2D-ish star trek computer game?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) April 11th, 2012

I remember an old star trek game, it took place in a big map with nebula’s and planets, had a big asteroid belt, and on the other side there were the Borg. You had to start out by repairing ships that were floating damaged, like a mining ship that mined the moon, and you could build shipyards and sensor stations. It had an online version in the main menu. Anyone remember what this was?

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The only star trek strategy games I know of are Armada 1 and 2. But both were 3d.
If you are interested, there is a mod that completely overhauls Armada 2 to modern graphics.
You need the Armada 2 installation disc, though, but you can torrent that one easily.

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I think it was armada 2, I recall the disk thing, but when I say 2d-ish, you could view the map from the top but also rotate and change view angle, so i guess it was 3d, but styled differently, not sure if that makes sense

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yeah it was the first one, ill definitely play armada 1 again quickly and then try the mod for the second one.

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Netrek is a tactical 2d Star Trek game.

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@ragingloli Just wondering, what do I downloa dto update the graphics, the armada 2 patch, or the fleetops one? There’s no FAQ or real answer on the site.

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Just the 3 files on this page:
Just a heads up: The campaign does not work in FleetOps, only skirmish and multiplayer works.

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@ragingloli Ahh, ok.

Is there a way to get the campaing to work, cause I’d like to play that.

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nope. only if you if you have the original game in a separate installation. The mod also changes the gameplay mechanics which breaks the campaign scripts.

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Damn, I really want to play campaing mode, but the regular isntaller just quits after you hit install :(

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Ahh, after some googling I tried safe mode, works for some reason.

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Also, when you install fleetops, you do not need an existing armada 2 installation. the fleetops installer will ask you for the armada 2 disc.

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