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When you are being most truly your genuine self, what are you doing?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) April 11th, 2012

I mean not so much what is going on inside your head, but what do you do and how do you express yourself and who are you with when you are being genuinely yourself? If you are never most genuinely yourself, what do you imagine it would look like? Where would it take place? Who would be there? What impact would you have on them?

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I am always truly my genuine self these days. I call it living my life.

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I smile at people and say hi, try to make them laugh, learn about them and learn from them by asking questions. Unfortunately I can’t do this because it’s not cool, hip, and to some it’s just strange.

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I can’t name just one thing, because I have several facets to myself. Here are a few:

- when I am with my husband watching tv at night. I love it. I feel calm and happy.

- when I dance.

- when I help others. It can be strangers or people I know.

- when I solve a problem.

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A person I respect who knows me only professionally paid me the highest compliment I’ve ever received late last year. He said, “You’re you.” I was floored and honored and humbled. Someone believes that I’m genuine. It meant a lot to me and I still hold to that.

I am always what I seem to be.

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Yep, I’m with @Hawaii_Jake

I’ve also been told that I am in a “league of my own” and that others never need to guess where they stand with me. You’ll know, no doubt. :-)
No games and mixed messages from me.
I’m always myself, who else would I be? lol

I don’t have to fake or create any sort of false identity or persona, I just am who I am.
In terms of quirkiness, well, all of my inanity comes out when alone around my house.
Singing songs to the animals, talking to them, myself, cracking myself up. I’m easily amused and play well alone and with others. :-)

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Trying too hard to be a fake screenwriter. Yeah.

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Being a good animal.

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Arguing. Wanna make something of it?

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Singing or laughing. Singing brings out the spontaneous joy in me and laughing is the result of my sense of the ridiculous.

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Being a smart ass on Fluther.

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What does my most genuine self do? Laugh hysterically at Monty Python, eat Kung Pao chicken and drink Dr. Pepper.

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Emailing people Nigerian scams.

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When I’m listening to (and singing) my favorite “moldy oldies” music from the 60’s and 70’s!

I feel like a kid again and forget all the grown up problems and worries! It’s very cathartic and rejuvenating! I love it!

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I can’t think of any time when I’m not my genuine self, now. Previously, the times when I wasn’t, was when I was trying to fake being a woman. I have no need to do that any more.

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Taking astrophotographs while listening to stories about zombies.

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@Keep_on_running Scams? You mean… you’re NOT going to send me a 2.63 million dollars if I provide you with all of my personal information?

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@WillWorkForChocolate Uhhh… well… crap, I did not think this through.

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@Keep_on_running You dirty bastard! How dare you prey on a gentle, kindly, soft-spoken woman like me? <snicker>

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I feel most myself when I’m managing some kind of artistic chaos. Directing a play is a good example.

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I try to be myself with everyone, but sometimes it’s hard. I pretty much just don’t try. I figure if I have to put any effort into “being” a certain way, then it’s not me. I just let loose, and go wherever the wind takes me so to speak.

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Drawing, playing/listening to music, dancing, camping or experiencing new places/cultures.

I think the perfect existence would be owning/running an animal shelter/home on an acreage. Yet, I would also love to see the world ..every nook and cranny.

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Alone or in a large group of people.

go figure . . .

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Laughing, loving, being silly.

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Laughing, singing, cracking jokes, making random _Harry Potter_references. But I’m only comfortable being this way with a few people.

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When gnawing on bones.

But actually I don’t know. Probably when I’m immersed in something or really concentrated, since I no longer am aware of myself? Sadly, I spend too much time trying to meet expectations, or act in ways I think people want me to act. I say I never do that, but that’s bullshit. :D This doesn’t count if I’m with close friends, or when I’m drunk. I don’t think, anyways. XD

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Making love, drawing, working on a new design that I love, lying on the beach feeling the sun on my face and hearing the waves crash, laughing with my family.

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Singing, writing, taking pictures, laughing, doing whatever I can to entertain myself.

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Thrifting, getting excited over silly colorful mugs with bunnies and rainbows on them, dinosaur posters, a neon dress from 1985 with shoulder pads, dancing to the hopefully Sam Cooke that just happens to be playing in the store, making my day.

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dancing to some crazy house music.

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I’m myself when I’m with family and friends and people I don’t know, unless they are wearing suits. I feel I need to impress if I’m around suits.

What do I do when I’m genuinely myself? I’m a listener with a nervous, twitchy smile. I can’t help it! My smile always twitches. Ask my husband.

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I don’t know. My barriers are never completely relaxed which leads me to think that even I don’t know my real self yet. I know what I enjoy and what relaxes me but I can never completely lose myself in anything as there are constant anxieties.

Edit: I would like to point out that I do not believe I am fake or “not being myself” I am just never relaxed enough to let my guard down. I am not secretive or mysterious but I am wary of people and situations 24/7.

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After eight in the evening when my Cortisol level has dropped and I suddenly feel relaxed and then only am I truly myself….what I do is go online and read..:)

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I feel most authentically myself when I am sharing food that I have cooked with friends. That is one of my favorite things to do, and cooking is one of my very few real skills :)

When I am having a good day teaching, and I get to watch my students having an “Ah-ha!” moment. That is really cool, and I remember what it felt like being on the other side of that dynamic!

When I am reading a history book (especially a primary source) that moves me to tears, and makes me feel a profound connection to another person or time. Yep, I am a nerd :)

Oh! And making friends with cats. I am a cat whisperer!

Getting really low blood sugar and realizing that no one but me can save myself… Well, that is pretty authentic to my experience, haha.

When I listen to one of my favorite songs, and remember how I felt the first time I heard it, and realize that this song will always evoke the same memory within me.

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