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What or where is the hottest place or thing, that is NOT man made or lab created?

Asked by sccrowell (3503points) May 26th, 2008 from iPhone

It must be totally natural and doesn’t have to be from this world…

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The Sun…

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The temperature inside a lightning bolt. It reaches 50,000 degrees F. That’s almost five times the heat of the sun. 11,000 degrees.

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The core of the earth, the middle of an erupting volcano.

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@Mac. If you are talking about the surface of the sun, then yes, a lightening bolt can be hotter (28,000 Kelvin versus 5600 Kelvin). However, the sun’s corona is ~5 million degrees Kelvin, and the core is ~15 million degrees Kelvin. Both are 100x hotter than lightening.

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Ah, but the sun is only a star with regard to hotness in its own solar system. Overshadowed by this white dwarf.

Now, that’s hot! Thirty times hotter than the sun, but still here in our own Milky Way.

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I just finished reading “icebound” and I think the coolest place is Antarctica

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“Coolest place” would hafta be space itself… with a temperature of nigh absolute zero (3 K, or -270° C, is the current estimate).

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I am the hottest PERSON.

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My anatomy teacher’s hands in college. /-:

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