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Where can I learn about modern techniques used in urban stream bank stabilization projects?

Asked by coelacanth (222points) April 11th, 2012

I’d like to see some examples of successful projects using primarily bioengineering, from the past 5–10 years.

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My old home town has several flood/erosion/stabilization projects. Not sure which might be helpful to you, so I’ll just link you to my Google search on Frederick Maryland flood control creek.

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Michigan does a great job with this. Their department of natural resources may have some information and I found this

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Here may an example of an opposite approach, i.e. brute-force containment, the Los Angeles County Flood Control District

You’ve seen parts of the Los Angeles River in movies from “Repo Man” to “Terminator”.

In defense of that approach, flood waters in LA happen suddenly and with very high volumes. That huge channel is ordinarily almost empty, but I have seen it within a foot or two of the top filled with fast-flowing, angry storm water.

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@Kayak8 that document is from 15 years ago. I’m curious whether things have changed since then, which is why I’d like newer project examples, guidelines, and data.

I’m also curious how engineers/project designers decide how to balance excavation/slope adjustments, hard armoring, and plant-based approaches.

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